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How to Quickly Launch an eLearning Program During the Coronavirus Crisis

by Debbie Williams

Organizations around the world have been forced to rapidly step up their crisis management initiatives in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. While virtually no organization has been untouched by the coronavirus, some are adapting more quickly than others.

Those that haven’t already started offering remote learning and training opportunities should consider deploying an online learning platform for employees or members. This can be done in just a few simple steps with the right technology.    

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3 Steps to Deploying eLearning During
the COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus crisis should not stop organizations from continuing to offer training. In fact, increased learning opportunities during down-time can help keep users engaged while boosting morale. Here are a few ways you can launch online corporate training quickly: 

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1. Choose an eLearning platform that can deploys rapidly

Whether or not your organization will be successful in deploying online learning quickly hinges on the type of learning management system you implement. While it’s important to look for an LMS software that has the necessary features, it’s critical that you seek an online learning platform that can deploy quickly, in a matter of days.

If you choose an LMS that takes too long to launch, you will lose precious time that could be spent providing COVID-19 compliance training to staff or offering them an eLearning course that would advance their career and help with morale. To deploy eLearning ASAP, search for an LMS like TOPYX with a Quick Start program

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2. Create an eLearning course that promotes adoption of the LMS

Once you’ve selected a learning management system, start writing content for an eLearning course that will familiarize staff with the new system. While adjusting to a new LMS solution will feel intuitive to some learners, it won’t to all. By providing a short training course, you’ll make sure no one is left out of the loop. Survey your employees to determine what would help them adjust more quickly to a new system. 

Also, if you’ve launched any type of learning technology in the past, what barriers to learner adoption did you run into? With this information, L&D teams can go about assembling a simple course that will help learners feel confident using a new online learning platform.

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3. Deploy a user support team to troubleshoot issues

When preparing for the rapid launch of a new LMS, it’s vital that you have a support team in place that is ready and willing to answer users’ questions once the LMS goes live. The team should consist of individuals who know the system inside and out. The support team may need to frequently reach out to the online learning platform provider’s customer support team as they get up to speed on the system.

Create a unique email address and make it available to users during set business hours once the system has launched. By giving users the support they need, especially during this time of remote work, you will ensure adoption of the eLearning system.

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The Value of an LMS During the Coronavirus Crisis

The right learning management system can be invaluable to a company. An LMS can help organizations lower training costs, manage compliance training and certifications, reduce learning and development time, track learner progress and performance, and much more. An LMS system also keeps employees connected to their peers and supervisors via social and collaborative learning tools, which help to give staff a sense of normalcy in a time of chaos. 

Ready to quickly launch an LMS that will meet your company’s training needs, both during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond? Explore the TOPYX Quick Start Program and learn how you can deploy an LMS in days.

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Debbie Williams

Debbie Williams

Director, Marketing