Healthcare Training

TOPYX LMS is ideal for organizations that need to distribute and track healthcare training for compliance and optimization needs.


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Challenges faced in healthcare training

Track Staff Training

Monitoring staff certifications and continuing education requirements for federal or state requirements.

Consistent Care Experience

Ensuring a consistent experience that meets your organization's standards.

Slow Training Processes

Inability to quickly deliver training on shifting regulations and compliance.

Maintaining Compliance

Avoiding information breaches, compliance failures and inaccurate reporting.

Results of implementing online healthcare training

Train Efficiently and For Less Cost

Training employees/contractors online is more effective and cheaper than in person.

Seamlessly Integrate New Regulations

New regulations, guidelines or policies can be launched and disseminated quickly to everyone.

Increase Compliance

Avoid any fines for not properly conducting or auditing training and education.

Knowledge Retention

Improved knowledge retention leads to more consistent and higher levels of performance.


TOPYX LMS has been recognized by a number of prestigious organizations, including Gartner, Brandon Hall Group, Capterra, CLO Magazine, and Inc. Magazine.