TOPYX Essentials

For Small Businesses looking for a fully featured learning platform at the lowest price on the market.

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Track Learner Progress & Performance

The dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of key performance indicators, helpful for executives and management teams to track progress. Quickly identify potential skills and training gaps to optimize your training programs.

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Administrators can easily navigate 60+ reports in their intuitive and customizable dashboard. Within the LMS platform you can email or export reports, communicate facts to executives, and easily pull data on user activity and performance.


TOPYX Essentials integrates microlearning in a highly effective manner and works with a formal learning program. It also utilizes many other methods of learning such as social learning, mobile learning, blended learning, and video-based learning.

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Up to 3,000 Learners

An ideal fit for small to mid-market organizations looking for an eLearning solution. With a 3,000 learner cap, TOPYX Essentials is positioned to scale with your business. With no pay per learner fee, so you know the total cost of your LMS upfront.

Mobile Learning

Users have access to learning content on demand, regardless of location or time zone. All the learner needs for a superior learning management experience is an internet connection and mobile device.

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SCORM certified LMS


TOPYX Essentials is certified by SCORM. Not just compliant, but certified. TOPYX Essentials has been recognized by the ADL for surpassing the standards set for interoperability, reusability, and durability. In addition, we’ve also completed tests to validate the use of SCORM 1.2 and 2004 materials using an active implementation of the TOPYX Essentials.