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How can we help your business meet their training goals?

Finding an LMS that is the right fit for your organization isn’t easy. Understanding the features, user experience, and cost are just some of the factors that go into choosing the right LMS. A learning management system is also a sizable investment that requires due diligence before selecting the right fit. 

LMS RFP request for proposal

Whether your organization is just starting to consider LMS platforms as a solution or is looking to upgrade on their existing LMS - there is a solution that is right for you. The LMS market has so many options that analyzing them can become overwhelming. The process of comparing vendor solutions requires time, organization and an understanding of what is important for your particular use case. Submitting an RFP to LMS vendors helps to efficiently organize options for side by side comparison.

Submit a RFP

When to submit an LMS RFP?

submit an lms rfp

You have a timeline, budget, and defined a Learning Management System as the solution.

Time is precious, and before you spend your time and potential vendors time - you want to make sure that your RFP is worth your time. Once you've received approval to purchase an LMS and know your timeline and budget, you can begin conducting your research. You want to spend your time wisely knowing that your time will result in finding an LMS solution that will make your training and leadership development programs more efficient.

What is an LMS?

You know what you are looking for an in LMS

Once you have an approved timeline, budget and have committed to the LMS solution - you need to understand how an LMS will most benefit your use case. When determining your requirements, understand not only what features are important for you but add context for your organization and understand how you will use an LMS. A RFP can help standardize the information you receive from vendors and help you understand which platforms might be a good fit.