LMS Reporting

Reporting that sets your organization up for success

Instructors, managers and executives need to access reports from their learning management system (LMS) quickly and efficiently. With TOPYX®, administrators can easily navigate reports in their intuitive and customizable dashboard. The dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of key performance indicators, helpful for executives and management teams to track progress.

TOPYX LMS administrative reporting tools are versatile and robust:

  • Email or export reports in an Excel, PDF and many other formats.

  • Communicate facts to executives easily with direct reports.

  • Easily pull data on user activity and on performance.

Reporting tools aren't just for administrators. Learners also have access to:

  • Report cards

  • Competencies

  • Transcripts


The answers to all your questions about what an LMS is and how it can benefit you.


Intuitive data management

TOPYX LMS has the reporting features necessary to view, manipulate and export data. Most importantly, the customizable charting tools and dashboard will save you time.

Utilize the dashboard

Customize your graphical dashboard options to provide a quick view into key reporting data.

Schedule reports

Setup and customize any report to run at a designated time and email to anyone.

Valuable report insight

Track registration, completion, certification, report card, course progress and much more.

Google Analytics

Integrate with Google Analytics to analyze site usage data.

Mobile access

Access reports anywhere with your mobile device.


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