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We believe that a learning management systems (LMS) should not be siloed away from the rest of your software. To improve efficiency and communication, systems need to connect and deploy seamlessly across your entire organization. Our LMS integration solutions streamline internal processes and ensure accurate data sharing methods.



  • TOPYX® aligns with Single Sign-on (SSO), API, FTP, and FTPS and deliver a superior user experience. Reduce the need for users to repeatedly sign in and remember a variety of passwords.

  • Easily manage the role permissions for users and administrators by passing role assignments into TOPYX LMS via the API or SSO.

  • Use the API or SSO integration to create users, add them to groups, and enroll them in courses.


  • The TOPYX LMS Salesforce integration makes it easy to import and export user data between systems, qualify and manage new users, and create custom reports and analytics dashboards.


  • The TOPYX iMIS RiSE integration makes it easy to connect the iMIS Engagement Management System popular with many associations to your TOPYX site seamlessly, sending details in and out of both systems.  


  • TOPYX integrates with GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar and WebEx Meeting Center.

  • Access all your data within the LMS while delivering courses via webinar.

  • Easily establish electronic-led training (ELT) sessions and webinars from the LMS.

  • Zoom Pro and MS Teams LTI options available


Contact us to receive an assessment of your current environment. We can analyze your unique learning goals and determine what integration options are the best fit.


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