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Companies are using educational programs in the form of mobile eLearning and blended learning to increase organizational efficiencies, employee productivity and speed of onboarding new teammates. TOPYX® supports these initiatives with an LMS that enables organizations to stay competitive through continued learning & development programs.



eLearning solutions through a learning management system (LMS) are one of the most valuable investment companies make each year. Utilizing educational content online through technology provides students benefits unavailable in a traditional classroom setting.

An LMS provides round the clock availability so that employees can learn at their own pace and on their schedule. eLearning is a highly cost-effective solution for companies as it eliminates overhead costs like classroom rentals, trainer salaries and material costs.

eLearning also provides standardization and streamlines the onboarding process for new employees as all content is delivered consistently in the same manner. 

Instructor-led training & blended learning

Online instructor-led training (ILT), or blended learning, is a combination of the traditional classroom setting with an enrichment of an LMS. Online learning programs are designed to keep trainers updated on each trainee’s progress. If an instructor notices that a student is struggling to meet course requirements, he or she can take the initiative and contact the student directly. Blended learning utilizes technology with an LMS to track employee participation and attendance.

TOPYX eLearning and ILT programs are easy to setup and manage and offer a variety of features to help the learner get the most out of their development:

  • Notifications & Reminders - Utilize our robust features that include automated notifications and reminders.  Email notifications are easy to setup and customizable according to an organization's specific needs.

  • Certificates & Transcripts - If certifications are necessary for your training program, our LMS platform can accommodate. Quickly set up, manage, and report on all options with TOPYX. Once learners successfully pass an exam, recognize completion with a custom online LMS certification.

  • Learner Profiles - Personalization is an essential element in any LMS platform. TOPYX provides customizable learner profiles so that every student can manage their online presence by updating their own details and profile picture.

  • Learner To-do List - Similar to the learner profile feature, students can set and track their progress with a learner to-do list.

  • Sessions - Sessions in TOPYX allow you to set up multiple options for learners to attend live events. You may set up different dates, different locations, different instructors, etc.


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