Financial Services Training

The TOPYX platform enables financial service companies to quickly train both employees, agents, and customers in products, services and processes.

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Challenges faced in financial services training

Poor Onboarding

Time to onboard a new employee with supervisor training is slow and expensive.

Training Audits

Auditing employee training records is diffcult and inaccurate.

Customer Service

Agents have out of date knowledge and are not providing the right level of service.

Consumer Education

Insufficient records on what training and education consumers have completed.

Results of implementing an online learning platform

Efficient Employee Training

Training can be done online prior to starting in-store from any device, reducing human training time.

Metric Visibility

Increased visibility of metrics allows for reporting on knowledge gaps, sales, or effectiveness of training.

Employee Knowledge

Better trained, more knowledgeable staff able to provide high levels of service to customers.

Simple Consumer Training

Consumers can be easily trained on a product or service with records of their progress.


TOPYX LMS has been recognized by a number of prestigious organizations, including Gartner, Brandon Hall Group, Capterra, CLO Magazine, and Inc. Magazine.