Technology Training

The TOPYX Platform is ideal for technology companies still relying on in-person training to manage end-user training. TOPYX allows you to deploy training more effectively to all users, quickly introduce new features, or create communities. Increase your customer satisfaction and renewals. 


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Challenges with training end users

Customer Retention

Customers don't renew due to product or service frustrations, due to lack of knowledge.

Worldwide Users

Users are spread all over the country or world, in person training is difficult to schedule and perform.

Knowledge Retention

Knowledge is lost as client team changes over time and new users don’t get proper handovers or training.

High Training Costs

Utilizing in person training or service staff can be expensive and time-consuming.

Results of implementing an online learning platform

Increased Renewals

Increased product renewals as clients are happier with their usage and knowledge of the product.

Community of Users

Create a community of users who can help each other and work on their own time.

Paid Certifications

Ensure knowledge is handed over seamlessly. Deploy certification programs to users and add optional paid programs or subscriptions.

Cost Effective Training

Reduced human training effort and improved margins on implementation and professional services.


TOPYX LMS has been recognized by a number of prestigious organizations, including Gartner, Brandon Hall Group, Capterra, CLO Magazine, and Inc. Magazine.