Manufacturer Training

TOPYX provides a simple to use learning and training platform for manufacturers who want to encourage customers to become better educated on how to use their products, or want to increase sales and customer service by improving the training employees and contractors have available.


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Training challenges facing manufacturers

Inconsistent Service Experience

Customers receive inconsistent service experiences due to service knowledge gaps.

Customer Training

Difficult to get product knowledge and proper usage out to customers.

Inexperienced Staff and Contractors

Aging workforce and loss of knowledge. Ineffective training for new staff. Onboarding contractors is difficult.

Metric Visibility

Difficulty analyzing what impact training and knowledge is having on sales and customer service.

Results of implementing an online learning platform

Customer Advocates

Turn customers into advocates for the product and brand through delivering maximum value.

Reduced Customer Questions

Remove reliance on old training methods and customers trying to figure it out on their own.

Training In Real-Time

Get new resources access to training in real time, quicker onboarding, and improved customer service.

Close Knowledge Gaps

Increased visibility of metrics help report on knowledge gaps and the effectiveness of training.


TOPYX LMS has been recognized by a number of prestigious organizations, including Gartner, Brandon Hall Group, Capterra, CLO Magazine, and Inc. Magazine.