Administration Features

Manage your LMS administrative processes

Administrators oversee the operational performance of a learning management system and assist in uploading content, creating and managing courses, and setting up unique learning paths for learners. TOPYX® eliminates the guesswork associated with these steps and streamlines the administrative processes inherent to an eLearning program.

A TOPYX LMS offers administrators access to an intuitive console and assist with setup, customization and branding. TOPYX also provides organizations a detailed training plan and support team to help with installation and maintenance every step of the way. No IT or coding knowledge is required for system administrators.


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Our administrative features include:

  • Easy-to-use dashboard - Access any administrative tool you might need with our intuitive dashboard.

  • Import and export capabilities - Import, export, and process files quickly.

  • Attach materials to categories - Tag materials, courses and programs to categories and easily filter.

  • Control user sign in - Qualify and manage new users.

Easily manage roles and permissions

We understand that administrator permission settings vary for different parts of a learning management system. One user might require a higher level of access compared to other employees. TOPYX provides different layers of roles and permission settings.

Assignment features include:

  • Ability to assign several roles to a single user

  • Manage user sign-up options to obtain relevant information

  • Simple user import feature, supporting .xls and .csv files

  • Roles passed through Single Sign-on, FTP, and API for easy management


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