Retail Training

The TOPYX Platform enables retailers to increase sales, improve customer service, onboard staff quickly and be more competitive.


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Challenges faced in retail training

Poor Onboarding

Time to onboard a new employee with supervisor training is slow and expensive.

High Staff Churn

High employee turnover is a result of lack of training and engagement.

Brand Identity

High performing organizations have their staff aligned to brand identity and messaging.

Training Seasonal Staff

Training temporary or seasonal staff for spikes is difficult, inefficient and expensive.

Results of implementing online learning for retail training

Efficient Employee Training

Training can be done online prior to starting in-store from any device, reducing human training time.

Reduce Staff Turnover

Reduce staff churn by implementing a more engaging training model that leads to increased buy-in.

Employees Invest into your brand

Better trained, more knowledgeable staff able to provide high levels of service to customers.

Train Cost Effectively

Online training reduces the time needed for a seasonal employee to become productive, while taking the training burden off valuable human capital.


TOPYX LMS has been recognized by a number of prestigious organizations, including Gartner, Brandon Hall Group, Capterra, CLO Magazine, and Inc. Magazine.