Online Employee Training

Online employee training increases learning rentention in a collaborative environment.   

Online employee training through an LMS has several benefits for the eLearner and the administrator. Companies can create course-specific learning paths for each department and role.  Using a learning management system for online employee training allows companies to view progress easily.   
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Online employee training:
  • Increases retention of training materials
  • Can reduce costs of employee training programs
  • Can be done from anywhere at any time.  Scheduling is no longer a concern
  • Give companies more insight into specific learning concepts that need to be reinforced
Training in an intuitive online platform is best when used in tandem with a learning mangement system.  An LMS such as TOPYX® provides a user friendly framework to increase employee learning efficiency.
TOPYX is a full-featured, customizable, and easy to use tool that improves the learning experience for enterprise organizations.
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