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Get an LMS with easy-to-use content creation tools and accessible data.

We like to make things easy by including a full spectrum of award-winning LMS features that save you time and money. But we’ve gone even further with our content management system: TOPYX® offers a feature for users to include our content catalog. These additions provide access to detailed LMS content creation and authoring tools that are easy-to-use and integrate seamlessly with the learning management system features.



Easy eLearning Content Creation

TOPYX partners with iSpring to provide award-winning eLearning creation and authoring tools. iSpring’s content creation tools are used worldwide by clients like IBM, Sony, and AT&T.

iSpring Suite gives TOPYX users the ability to:

  • Create customizable quizzes and surveys with branching and flexible scoring

  • Convert PowerPoint presentations into mobile-ready eLearning courses.

  • Add audio and video narrations to slide shows.

  • Create and screen recordings to enable training.

  • Create dialog scenarios to simulate realistic interactions.

SCORM-Certified LMS

TOPYX LMS is certified by SCORM. Not just compliant, but certified. The ADL has recognized TOPYX for meeting rigorous standards for interoperability, reusability, and durability. We’ve also done tests that validate the use of SCORM 1.2 and 2004 materials using an active implementation of the TOPYX learning platform.

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI)

TOPYX LMS has advanced learning tools interoperability (LTI) technology standard created by IMS Global Consortium which allows you to connect or share data between your TOPYX learning platform and other external systems. Easily integrate TOPYX with other systems without extra custom interface development, including:

  • Microsoft Office Mix

  • Brain Pop

  • Google

  • ATutor

  • Voice Thread

  • HapYak

  • Harvard Business School

  • Plus much more

xAPI LMS Access

xAPI access, also known as Tin Can API and Experience API, allows TOPYX to perform not only as an LMS but also as an LRS. xAPI was developed by Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative as a successor to SCORM certification. It was created to advance the usability of data relating to learners’ experiences across platforms and applications. This process of data standardization allows for the creation of Learning Record Stores (LRS), an application that can capture, report, and share user records in a way that makes them compatible for use with different systems.


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