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Research shows that 70% of professional development happens on the job. Our off-the-shelf eLearning courses help learners to apply their training on the job.

As an add-on option, TOPYX® can provide the content you need and the tools to address your learning & development needs. 

We partner with Traliant, Vado, Intellezy and iHASCO to provide easy access to an entire library of digital courses:

  • Compliance & Ethics
  • Management
  • Leadership
  • Customer Service
  • Soft Skills
  • Microsoft
  • Technical Skills

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At Traliant, compliance training is more than just a course. Our behavioral-based instructional design ensures people go beyond simple compliance to truly understand how to respond in actual workplace situations. Traliant is committed to delivering broadcast-quality compliance training in a format that resembles something you’d find on Hulu or Netflix. Great-looking, impactful, fully-customizable compliance training is the heart of our vision.

logoTraliant is a team working together to provide a fresh approach to compliance training

Why micro-learning courses? Research shows modern learners want short learning courses. Through our content partnerships, you can provide your learners with short content that’s designed for mobile learning. Our eLearning LMS and easy-to-use content helps to improve the learning experience. Small, bite-sized videos work best for modern learning contexts: they fit the mobile learners’ preference of not having to watch long videos and courses respond to screen size and screen orientation on all handheld devices.

vado-logoVado is a Project Management Institute (PMI) Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) 

With 5,000+ videos, Intellezy offers a robust library of Microsoft Office, Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud microlearning. 3 - 5 minute, short segment videos, with onscreen instructors, provide answers to workday challenges. Intellezy’s training is delivered by certified instructors and industry experts. Our friendly, engaging style breaks down complex ideas into bite-sized learning nuggets. And, because they never leave the screen, the learner’s attention is held longer.

intellezy Intellezy is a global leader in online on-demand video-based learning solutions

At iHASCO our focus is UK & EU learners - Our training is designed to fit around your learners' work day commitments. Learners can start, pause, and resume courses at any time. Our rich video-based courses are also supplemented by additional resources so your most engaged learners can go beyond the basics. We have an extensive library of accredited courses, it's simple to get your workplace Health & Safety and HR Compliance training sorted.

iHASCOiHasco is a market leading provider of Health & Safety and HR Compliance eLearning courses


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