Subject Matter Expert Training

The TOPYX learning management system (LMS) provides subject matter experts (SMEs) with an intuitive platform for publishing content, providing training programs, exams, and certifications.


Subject Matter Expert Training

The TOPYX learning management system (LMS) provides subject matter experts (SMEs) with an intuitive platform for publishing content, providing training programs, exams, and certifications.


Bringing Subject Matter Expertise to Wider Audiences

Subject matter experts (SMEs) have a valuable role in ensuring corporate training is properly composed, relevant, and effective. Whether the audience is a corporate client and its employees or individuals who request training and certification, SMEs need a way to grow their business by selling more courses. With an easy to use LMS, SMEs can reach wider audiences with effective, customizable, and scalable training programs.

The TOPYX learning platform is easy to set up and deploy to unlimited users, so the best content reaches as many people as needed. And all of this can be done without IT or coding skills, making it a smooth process from conception to deployment.

With TOPYX LMS, SMEs can help grow the business, increase sales, and establish themselves as experts in their respective industries.

Overcoming Top SME Training Challenges

TOPYX can help SMEs address their training challenges and scale their training.



Learning records must be stored, managed, and reported on in an intuitive way.


Remote Users

Users are spread out and working from home more frequently, making in-person training difficult to perform.


Consistent Content Publishing

Create and distribute fresh content on a consistent basis without IT or coding skills.


Easy Content

A user-centric interface makes purchasing and consuming content easy and encourages repeat visitors.

What Benefits SMEs can Drive with Online Learning



A majority of organizations that utilize eLearning believe they gain a competitive advantage from it.



Comprehensive training programs lead to a 218% higher revenue per employee.



Studies show that eLearning can reduce overall training time by 40-60%.

TOPYX LMS Features

TOPYX is a customizable and flexible LMS created with both the learner and administrator in mind. A robust set of features enrich financial services training and education programs, no matter where your learners are located.

Course Management




Custom Branding




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"I needed to increase my eCommerce sales and create a greater sense of community for my clients. I found TOPYX and with these dedicated teams help we deployed their learning platform. I’ve been able to offer way more content to my users and increased sales by 25% while my costs haven’t increased. My business is growing fast and it’s been great that TOPYX is priced so I have unlimited users and content so my costs haven’t increased. I’m now switching on additional features to offer more languages, communities, and certifications, which has been super easy to do. I’m looking forward to continued success on the TOPYX platform. "

What Do Subject Matter Experts Need From an LMS?

We created this SME training overview to help you understand which LMS features can drive the most value for your organization. This handy reference includes:

  • Training challenges faced by SMEs
  • How an online learning platform can drive results
  • The top LMS features for SMEs
SME Overview

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