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Ready to Enhance Your LMS Experience?

by Jeffrey Roth

Breaking up is hard to do. But, when it comes to your learning management system (LMS), breaking up can be the right decision if it increases engagement and reduces the negative impact on your company’s budget. The right LMS offers the following benefits to organizations, according to 360 Learning1:

  • A consolidated approach to training
  • Tangible ROI on training programs
  • Better employee satisfaction and retention
  • A better onboarding experience
  • Preservation of valuable institutional knowledge

Additionally, an LMS makes remote learning possible. “An LMS is an essential tool for facilitating remote employee training,” 360 Learning stated. “Online learning can save your company a considerable amount of time and money in the long run. Whether they work remotely or not, studies show that most workers prefer to learn on their own time, at their own pace. Online learning offers workers more flexibility and leads to higher course completion rates and better information retention.”


The right LMS for your organization will deliver all of these benefits and more. But many company leaders aren’t happy with their current learning management system. In fact, 44% of organizations are considering switching to a new LMS.


Why 44% of Companies Want to Switch to a New LMS 


Are you getting tired of the way your current learning management system fails to fully meet your company’s needs? Are you pondering the idea of switching to a better LMS? If so, you’re not alone. The article What You Can Do to Accelerate Your Learning Programs3 stated, 

“Nearly 90% of companies surveyed by Brandon Hall Group said they want to make the change to improve their user experience (UX) and 66% of companies stated they are switching to an LMS with more enterprise integration capabilities…. About 44% of companies are actively considering replacing the current LMS solution.

This indicates that hundreds of thousands of LMS users are unsatisfied with their current learning management system. Thankfully, there are many LMSs on the market. There’s no doubt that you can find one that meets the needs of your organization.


Why Do Organizational Leaders Want to Try a Different LMS?

Wondering why so many business leaders aren’t happy with their LMS? There are an array of reasons why business owners and company leaders decide to try new learning management systems. Often, they are disillusioned because the LMS they invested in is not delivering what was promised, or the system is old and requires replacement.


Should you replace your LMS? Ask yourself these questions to find out:

1) “Does My LMS Foster Communication and Collaboration?”


A learning management system is designed to promote learning. If your LMS does not make training easy to engage with for users and simple to administer for company leaders, it may not be right for you.


An LMS should allow users to effortlessly communicate and collaborate with one another via realtime chat, online educational courses, and departmental networking. However, communication and collaboration can only take place if individuals know how to utilize an LMS’s social learning features. 

TOPYX LMS leverages the most comprehensive social learning capabilities available. Robust social functionalities are integral to any LMS solution for companies, enterprises, and organizations and serve strategic business purposes, including:

  • Accelerated content curation and knowledge sharing
  • Enhanced productivity for remote teams
  • Creation of sustainable learning communities
  • Ongoing support for both instructors and learners

An LMS with tools like these make it simple for both users and administrators to see an LMS as an online workplace. When users view a learning management system as a remote workplace, they are more likely to value the learning management system and make good use of its features. This promotes a favorable ROI for companies.  

2. “Does My LMS Feature Mobile Learning?”


Of all the features an LMS may have, mobile learning is among the most popular. Post-pandemic, remote learning is absolutely essential as many companies now have dispersed workforces. Mobile learning allows employees and employers to access all of the information stored in a cloud-based LMS, from any place in the world, on any device with internet access and a web browser.

Mobile learning takes convenience to a whole new level. For example, if an employee needs to complete a training course from home and only has a smart phone to work from, it is no problem with an LMS that features mobile learning. Or, if a business owner has to catch up on some work over the weekend and only has a tablet to use, a learning management system that enables mobile learning makes it possible.

If users and administrators only have LMS access while at work, there is little incentive to use the platform as a means to interact and collaborate with others. Mobile learning capabilities transform an LMS from a business tool limited to the office, to a lifeline that helps everyone get their job done on their own terms.

With TOPYX LMS mobile learning functionality, learners can access content on demand, regardless of location or time zone. All a user needs for a superior learning experience is an internet connection and a mobile device. Benefits of TOPYX mobile learning include greater accessibility for all users via online learning paths. Remote online learning paths give users the flexibility to learn at their own pace and on their schedule. 

Also, most employees already own smartphones or tablets, which drives the costs of mobile learning down for organizations. There are no added hardware or connectivity charges with TOPYX mobile learning. 

TOPYX mobile learning also increases productivity. It provides flexibility and freedom outside of office hours, giving employees the ability to increase productivity in other areas of their work. This can have a positive impact on a company’s bottom line. 

3. “Is My LMS User-Friendly?”

If you were to take a survey, how many of your employees would likely say they enjoy using your current LMS? If the majority of employees were to admit they do not like using your learning management system, it would be a strong indicator that the LMS is not user-friendly.


It is essential that a learning management system is user-friendly. Why? Because user-friendly eLearning systems get utilized, and those that are not, do not. If your LMS is rarely accessed and its features are not taken advantage of, it’s probably not as easy to use as it should be.


A user-friendly LMS is intuitive, targeted, fast, and responsive. It is not hard to figure out or difficult to sign-in to. The right, user-friendly social LMS will make your employees’ lives easier and will cause little, if any, frustration.


TOPYX is an award-winning learning management system that is among the easiest-to-use LMSs on the market. It is intuitive, responsive, and enables mobile learning. Also, learning tools interoperability (LTI) makes TOPYX incredibly easy to integrate into an established workplace. Best of all, there are no per-user fees with TOPYX.


Business owners deserve eLearning software that provides a platform on which employees can connect with information, learning content and one another. You can increase your business’s success by ensuring your LMS is user-friendly, accessible on mobile devices and seen as an online workplace. After all, an LMS is an extension of your business.


Enhance Your LMS Experience with a New Learning Management System


Does your LMS deliver a great ROI, make remote and mobile learning possible for dispersed workforces, provide a user-friendly experience to learners, and encourage communication? If not, it’s time to enhance your LMS experience with a new learning management system.


TOPYX LMS is an award-winning learning management system for a reason: it meets the training needs of organizations and their employees, members, and volunteers. It makes it easy for administrators to create, deliver, track, and report on training, and gives users access to online courses and personalized learning paths. TOPYX also gives companies the tools they need to easily manage certifications, even on a large scale, and deliver microlearning as well as full-length courses. 


TOPYX learning management system is used by organizations such as Rotary International, Honeywell, and 3M. It features at least 54,000 topics, 268,000+ monthly training hours, nearly 2 million monthly learners, and more than 137 million annual quizzes. Ben Petuchowski, Associate Director, Content Marketing, National Cattlemen's Beef Association, said, 


“TOPYX allows us to deliver a turnkey, customizable educational solution. It’s helping us get our message in front of audiences we might not have been able to reach previously, including the next generation of professionals who are going to be using beef.”


TOPYX LMS can help your business, too. Request a free LMS demo of TOPYX to learn more. 



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