Social Learning

Utilize social learning features for users to Gather, Interact, Learn.

TOPYX® leverages the most comprehensive collaborative social learning capabilities available that encourages learners to be more engaged. Robust social functionalities are integral to any LMS solution for companies, enterprises and organizations and serve strategic business purposes including:

  • Accelerated content curation and knowledge sharing / peer-to-peer learning
  • Enhanced productivity for remote teams
  • Creation of sustainable learning communities
  • Ongoing support for both instructors and learners

TOPYX offers six different levels of social learning communities.  These communities are used to create highly-focused learning paths around any topic or course. Communities enable learners to start an open dialogue with their fellow users at any stage of the process.

Users have the option to be in one or many depending on their needs:

  • Site level communities
  • Course communities
  • Group communities
  • Program communities
  • Material communities  
  • Categories

TOPYX leverages current social functionalities for learners and adapts them to fit the learning management system environment. Utilizing social learning and the ability for administrators to monitor user involvement, while promoting a more engaged and collaborative online learning experience.

Our social learning features include:

  • Announcements
  • Articles
  • Calendaring
  • Chat
  • Documents
  • Events
  • Forums
  • Marketing tiles
  • Media gallery
  • Sponsor links
  • Web conferencing


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