Mobile Learning

Optimize eLearning with accessible learning paths from any smartphone or tablet.

Companies that adopt and support mobile technologies their employees regularly utilize see higher engagement and success rates. Implement and deliver successful learning paths through an accessible and on the go LMS solution.

With the TOPYX® mobile learning features, learners can access content on demand, regardless of location or time zone. All a user needs for a superior learning management experience is an internet connection and mobile device.

Benefits of mobile learning include:

  • Greater accessibility for all users - Accessible learning paths from anywhere - giving users the flexibility to learn at their own pace and on their schedule.
  • Reasonable costs - No added hardware or connectivity charges - most employees already own smartphones or tablets.
  • Increased productivity - Mobile learning provides flexibility and freedom outside of office hours - giving employees the ability to increase productivity in other areas of their work.

mobile learningUsers can seamlessly access training and collaboration materials from either desktop or mobile and collaborate with fellow teammates as they learn together or on their own. TOPYX delivers a superior user experience with a responsive mobile design, supported on every mobile device:

  • Compatible with all smartphones and tablets including iPhone, iPad, and Android.
  • Data and information protection through secure servers.
  • Swift, responsive user interactions with reliable uptime and significant server bandwidth.
  • Mobile learning will never incur added costs for your organization.

TOPYX supports all mobile devices and users can access training and collaboration materials from desktops or mobile:

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android and other smartphones and tablets.

  • No added cost associated with mobile learning. And, we will keep it that way.

  • Commitment to protecting your information. We store your data on secure servers.

  • Servers deliver reliable uptime with significant bandwidth.


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