LMS Overview

"TOPYX is an engaging learning management software that truly works "
- JoJo Wynder, Director of Talent Management at Morton Salt

An LMS Overview provides your organization with the knowledge you need to enhance your learning and development programs.

Our platform overview explains the features that help you achieve your training goals: 

  • LMS Content Management - Easily build and manage learning and development programs.
  • LMS Integration - SCORM & Tin Can API. Interoperability support with xAPI, LRS, and LTI.
  • Social Learning - Share announcements and events in a collaborative online space.
  • Mobile Learning - Create and browse learning content on your mobile device or tablet.
  • LMS Services - Monetize and deliver your curriculum to a wider audience.
  • Language Packages - Support a global workforce with language localization.
  • LMS Reporting - Communicate easily and intuitively with teams through statistics and reports.

Download the full platform overview to gain a deeper understanding of the many other features that the TOPYX LMS offers.


Download THe PLATFORM Overview

Built Around Your Training Goals

TOPYX LMS Overview

TOPYX was constructed on the idea that knowledge is socially constructed. Our online platform is designed for peer-to-peer, informal and formal learning, throughout the organization, wherever learners are located on whichever device they are using. In our LMS Overview, we look at how to using social learning tools helps with all of our learning needs.

Why Do You Need an LMS?

Better Profit Margins

eLearning through an LMS reduces costs by eliminating travel, catering, classroom, and other traditional training expenses, while improving training.

Better training increases profit margins and income per employee. ASTD found that financial firms that spent more on training had 24% higher profit margins and 218% higher income per employee than those spending less. See what the return on investment could be for your organization by using our ROI Calculator


Higher Productivity in Less Time

Increasing workforce education by just 10% increases productivity by 8.6%. eLearning can also decrease time to productivity, educating learners in 40% to 60% less time than classroom training. Get your workforce on a learning path and experience first-hand the benefits of an LMS. 

Increased Employee Retention and Reduced Turnover Costs

40% of employees with poor training leave their job within the first year, and it can cost up to $2500 to replace an employee, depending on position. But investing in employees’ training & development, and offering certifications can decrease turnover by up to 65%.

Take the first step in learning how to modernize your training programs to see a greater ROI by downloading the LMS Overview.