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4 Things That Should Be on Your Corporate LMS Checklist

by Debbie Williams

In a study conducted in 2007 it was found that 81 percent of LMS users were dissatisfied with learning management system reporting features.¹ Unfortunately, one ineffective LMS function can ruin a user’s experience with the platform and increase the chances of a company switching to a new LMS. According to the white paper Unhappy with Your LMS? You’re Not Alone, “44 percent of companies are actively looking to replace their current learning management systems.”² Clearly, many learning management systems are failing.

What Causes an LMS to Fail?

A major reason LMSs fail is because consumers make poor eLearning technology purchases. This isn’t to say they choose a low-quality LMS, but rather that they choose the wrong social learning platforms for their companies. Organizational leaders may believe that simply knowing what type of LMS (healthcare, government, corporate, etc.) to purchase should be enough. These leaders will become empowered to make better eLearning investments when they learn to use an LMS checklist to determine best fit.  

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These 4 Things Should Be on Your Company’s Corporate LMS Checklist

Every company should have its own LMS checklist based on individual needs. In general, however, there are a few things most organizational leaders should look for in a corporate LMS. They include:   

  1. Exceptional customer support services -- “Does this LMS provider offer excellent customer support?” should be the first question you ask when researching a learning management system. This is because, no matter how skilled your IT team is, at some point your company may need to reach out to the LMS support team. This is especially true for companies with limited IT resources. Look for an LMS provider offering support that lasts as long as your company uses the platform.  
  1. Flat-rate pricing -- The vast majority of companies cannot afford to invest in an LMS that have the potential to do damage to a bottom line. Any pay-per-user LMS has this capability. Don’t settle for anything less than a flat-rate LMS. This type of eLearning system costs the same price regardless of how many people use it. Pay-per-seat LMSs have a user cap, and a company can be charged for each user that exceeds that cap. This can increase training-related costs, whereas a flat-rate LMS ensures a one-time investment.  
  1. A live demo -- Demoing an LMS should be part of the eLearning system selection process. “Try before you buy” can apply to many major corporate purchases, especially an LMS. Learn more about the LMS demo process in our blog article What to Expect During a Corporate LMS Demo.
  1. Mobile learning -- If there is one LMS feature the average company can’t do without, it is mobile learning. Learning management systems exist to deliver, report on, and track training, and mobile learning supports this mission. It allows users to access training on their mobile devices literally at any time, from any place, on any device with a Web browser and Internet access. This makes training more convenient than ever and increases employee engagement with training.  

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  • A free, live demo
  • Mobile learning  

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What’s on your company’s corporate LMS checklist?


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Debbie Williams

Debbie Williams

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