Corporate LMS

Drive strategic goals through an LMS built for business professionals

The TOPYX® LMS platform aligns corporate employees with similar strategies, company practices and learning paths to boost your organization’s bottom line through a more productive workforce. Our software has robust reporting and analytics capabilities and enables administrative teams to monitor the success of learning paths efficiently.  

The TOPYX corporate LMS facilitates personalized, engaging user experiences with features such as social learning, blended learning, and online communities that maximize employee engagement and knowledge retention. TOPYX is easy to use for learners and administrators, while also offering a highly functional and effective corporate LMS.


The answers to all your questions about what an LMS is and how it can benefit you.

Benefits of the TOPYX corporate LMS include:

  • Customizable reports and analytics to deliver to company stakeholders, as needed or a scheduled basis
  • Learner access to report cards, certificates and transcripts
  • Wide array of course types and learning methods
  • Social learning to improve collaboration, peer-to-peer and team-based learning
  • Compliance training to keep corporations up to regulation standards
  • Increased speed to productivity during onboarding new team members


TOPYX can help to enable rapid acceleration of training, in a more affordable and convenient way.

With the TOPYX LMS, required training materials are always available, on demand, and can be easily updated so you can ensure that learners will always be up-to-date using the latest training materials.


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