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Why You Should Use an LMS to Deliver Government Training Programs

by Debbie Williams

There are at least 430 agencies, sub-agencies and departments in the US federal government, according to Competitive Enterprise Institute.¹ The vast majority of these organizations have training needs. Some of them are already using a learning management system (LMS) to deliver training to their members, volunteers and employees. The decision makers in charge of those that aren’t utilizing eLearning systems should definitely consider the ways in which an LMS facilitates government training programs.  

3 Reasons Federal Agencies Should Use an LMS for Training Purposes

All organizations have one thing in common: they need to deliver effective training to employees, members and volunteers. They also need to track and report on that training. That’s where an LMS comes in.

A learning management system is a brilliant tool for delivering training to any type of company with training needs, especially federal agencies. This is because an LMS:

  1. Can be securely accessed only by approved users. Specific LMS integrations ensure this. This means content stays protected and infrastructures remain secure. Federal agencies have a heightened need for cybersecurity, and most eLearning platforms are designed to keep data secure.

  1. Facilitate training without adding IT infrastructure. This translates to preserving an agency’s critical budget funds while at the same time improving the quality and accessibility of training.  

  1. Can be accessed by individual users in the languages they are most familiar with. This is very helpful to organizations with multicultural workforces, which describes many government agencies.  

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Why You Should Deliver a Government Training Program Through an LMS

LMSs are great for delivering, tracking and reporting on government training programs. Agency leaders can best deliver these online programs through an eLearning system by emphasizing LMS learning path functionality. eLearning Industry stated,

As a general rule, governmental organizations have a number of separate departments that each handles specific tasks. There may even be sub-departments that further compartmentalize responsibilities. For example, Human Resources and accounting departments in each branch require certain skill sets. Therefore, your LMS must be able to support personalized online training paths to improve workplace performance.”²

Learning path functionality is a critical aspect of an LMS that a federal agency uses. It helps employees stay up-to-date with required training. Pair this with robust LMS reporting features and you have a recipe for government training program success.

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What is a Government LMS?

A government LMS is a learning management system designed to meet the demands of training programs that federal agencies require their employees to participate in. Government agency leaders should look for specific things in this type of eLearning platform. For example, a government learning management system should…

  • Modernize an online government training program.
  • Support a federal agency’s training efforts across varying groups of users.
  • Increase employee participation and engagement in government training programs.
  • Improve a government agency’s ability to share critical information.

TOPYX was designed to meet the training needs of federal agencies by accomplishing all of the above and more. Interested in what features you should be considering to deliver government training programs with an eLearning system?Download LMS Features Checklist


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Debbie Williams

Debbie Williams

Director, Marketing