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Increase Employee Engagement with LMS Compliance Training

by Debbie Williams

An employee’s job functions are driven by regulations, laws, and company policies. But if an employee is unaware of these regulations, he or she cannot perform his or her job safely or effectively. This is where compliance training comes in.

Compliance training gets employees up to speed with legalities and employer expectations. Thorough compliance training not only helps to protect employees, but it also helps protect an organization from litigation.

“Compliance is absolutely vital for every organization, as failure to follow certain rules, laws and regulations that concern your company could lead to severe penalties and destroy your business’ reputation.” -- eLearning Industry¹
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Does Compliance Training Increase
Employee Engagement?

While compliance training is crucial to helping a company maintain a good reputation, it can also increase employee engagement. Engaging employees is an ongoing battle for most employers, so many company leaders are open to trying new things to boost employee engagement. 

One way compliance training increases employee engagement is by helping employees close knowledge gaps, according to The Network’s VP of Product Management and Corporate Development, Jimmy Lin. Knowledge gaps have a negative effect on an employee’s sense of competency and security in their position. When competency is low, so is engagement. Employee training helps close knowledge gaps and increase competency as well as employee engagement. If a company is plagued with low employee engagement, it could be due to an outdated training program.

Why Compliance Training with an LMS is Best

Compliance training can be delivered in several formats (in-person, online, or a blend of both). It’s possible that training delivered through a learning management system (LMS), or fully online, is most engaging to learners. Here are two reasons why:

  1. Compliance training through an LMS is interesting. It can be gamified, tailored to fit into an individual’s learning path, and specially designed to support an employee’s learning style. This adds up to increased information retention.
  1. Compliance training through an LMS is available on demand. This means an employee can interact with course material day or night, from any location. This level of convenience encourages learners to participate in training more regularly.   

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Making Training Enjoyable with Gamification,
Simulation and Rewards

Company leaders who want to ensure that employees are highly engaged as well as educated about company policies, regulations and laws should understand that compliance training can’t be boring. Boring training will drive down engagement, having the exact opposite effect of what employers want. Training designers must make training fun by incorporating games and simulations into eLearning.

Compliance training could be referred to as “dry.” It is not engaging by nature. Gamifiying such training can make it more enjoyable for learners.

“Gamification can significantly help your audience memorize complex law terms or regulations, as it can be both challenging and rewarding. All in all, the more opportunities you offer your employees to satisfy their need for achievement and recognition, the more likely it will be that they pay attention to their online training and absorb necessary information,” wrote eLearning expert Christopher Pappas.

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Debbie Williams

Debbie Williams

Director, Marketing