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5 Tips for Making Compliance Training More Engaging

by Debbie Williams

Compliance training is one of the most important types of training your employees will participate in and is critical for today’s organization. Compliance training not only satisfies regulatory requirements, but it also helps to ensure workers’ safety. However, as vital as compliance training is, it can sometimes be difficult for workers to fully engage in. With a few tips, you can make compliance training more attractive to learners.Looking for some ways to make your compliance training more engaging? Give these tips a try.

How to Give Your Employees a Better Experience with Compliance Training

Naturally, providing a fun compliance training experience increases engagement, employee satisfaction, and encourages your employees to get it done more quickly. Here are some surefire ways to create enjoyable compliance training:

1. Reward those who complete compliance training quickly

Most compliance training is mandatory, but that doesn’t mean learners will engage with it as quickly as you want them to. To encourage fast participation, consider offering incentives to employees who complete training first. Incentives could include public recognition via company-wide email announcements, a gift card, or a career training opportunity that learners are interested in.

2. Personalize compliance training to individual job roles

Employees across a variety of an organization’s departments are often required to participate in the same compliance training sessions. Whenever possible, personalize compliance training to an individual’s job role. For example, you could personalize data security training by making it more challenging for those who likely already have a working knowledge of cybersecurity. Conversely, you could make it easier for employees who are unfamiliar with best practices for keeping sensitive data secure.

3. Gamify compliance training

Compliance training has a bad rap for being bland. A great way to create better content is by adding an element of gamification to compliance training when possible. Games are not only fun, but they also help to create an interactive training experience that requires a learner’s full participation.

4. Refresh compliance training with new and interesting graphics

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to improve compliance training is by adding attention-grabbing graphics. If a compliance training course is old, simply adding new graphics can improve a learner’s experience with it and encourage their participation.

5. Let learners know how compliance training will benefit them directly

Sometimes employees become disinterested in training simply because they are unaware of how it will benefit them. This can be especially true of compliance training. Educate your workforce about why certain types of compliance training are required of them and how they will benefit in the long and short-term. “Create case studies and real-world benefit eLearning scenarios that reflect your audience’s actual work circumstances and help them develop a deep connection with the issues involved,” stated

Allowing Learners to Test Out of Compliance Training May Improve Engagement

Some of your employees have been with your company for years. As a result, they have been exposed to the same compliance training sessions several times. This can understandably cause disengagement and disinterest with training. To improve a learner’s training experience, consider allowing them to test out of compliance training that they are already familiar with. This will enable them to move on to different or more advanced training courses.

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Debbie Williams

Debbie Williams

Director, Marketing