LMS, Learning Management System

The Best of Both Worlds: LMS for Learners and Trainers

by Jeffrey Roth

 Employees and employers have unique roles in the corporate world. The average employee’s day is spent scrambling to make deadlines and meet the expectations of managers. Things are a little different for employers. These individuals spend their time making major decisions for their companies, hiring and firing employees, establishing policies and procedures, etc. Obviously, these two types of people require different things from a social learning management system (LMS).

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Study Confirms What Trainers and Learners Want in an LMS

What is it that trainers and learners want in an LMS? A recent study revealed that learners are most satisfied with easy-to-use eLearning systems that make accessing content simple. Conversely, trainers/administrators are happiest with LMSs that make curating content simple. Although learners and trainers need different things from an LMS, they share the desire for an eLearning system that is easy to use. 

Keep Learners On-Track by Teaching Them to Use an LMS

It’s possible that the primary reason learners become dissatisfied with an LMS is because they simply don’t know how to use it. If administrators took the time to teach learners to use an LMS, user satisfaction would probably increase.

Business owners can keep their learners/employees on-track and engaged with an LMS by training them on its proper use. eLearning system operation trainings should quickly follow the launch of an LMS, and administrators should follow up with employees to ensure they understand the basic functions of the platform.

Choose an LMS That Pleases Learners and Trainers

Learners tend to prefer user-friendly LMSs that feature easy-to-access content, whereas trainers prefer learning management systems that make curating content simple. Business owners can have the best of both worlds when they choose the best LMS that caters to both learners and trainers.

An LMS that caters to the needs and wants of learners and trainers alike should…

  • Make content easy to access – There is nothing more frustrating than having limited access to the resources needed to complete work tasks. A cloud-based eLearning platform ensures easy access to content. This type of LMS stores all of a company’s information in one online, secure location. Users can access this information from any location, at any time (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). A cloud-based eLearning system with mobile capabilities gives users access to content from any device.
  • Make content easy to curate – Perhaps more than anything else, employers and others in management positions need more time in the day to get things done. The right LMS can’t manufacture time, but it can save it by making course content easy to curate.
  • Be simple to operate – Any LMS worth its salt should be easy to navigate for both users and administrators. If individuals do not enjoy using an LMS, there is a problem.
  • Have advanced features – Choosing an LMS that users and administrators will both like does not mean opting for one that is stripped of all the “bells and whistles.” Features like language localization, Tin Can API and learning tools interoperability, for example, are tools that are advanced as well as extremely practical and valuable. The best LMSs will be easy to operate and will feature advanced learning tools.

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A learning management system should enrich the lives of all who utilize it. After all, who wants to waste time navigating a complicated LMS? The good news is there are eLearning systems on the market that make life and work easier for learners as well as trainers. Business owners who launch a cloud-based learning management system AND teach their employees to properly use it will reap more benefits than they can imagine.