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The best LMS solutions don't penalize you for growth.

TOPYX is the best LMS solution that engages learners and enhances collaborative learning environments.  It is created with the learner and administrator in mind to ensure that everyone is equipped to excel within the organization.

Ease of use, engaging peer-to-peer learning tools, flat-rate pricing, a robust set of LMS features and dedicated support teams are a few of the reasons our clients view TOPYX as the best LMS value. 

  • Content Management. Content creation and authoring tools that integrate with the other LMS solutions and LMS 
  • Social Learning.  Build a "buzz" around your content with a collaborative online learning space.
  • Mobile Learning. Explore learning content anywhere on a mobile device or tablet.
  • E-commerce. Monetize and deliver your curriculum to a wider audience.
  • Multi-language packages. Expand globally with language localization for an international workforce.  
  • Reporting. Easily track key performance indicators from a customized dashboard.
  • xAPI & SCORM. Interoperability support with xAPI, LRS (learning record store), and LTI (learning tools interoperability) as well as being a SCORM certified LMS.

TOPYX is trusted by a variety of businesses, both domestically and internationally, as the best LMS to support training, collaboration and communication goals.

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