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Speed Up Corporate Training Content Creation with 3 Time-Saving Tips

by Debbie Williams

The process of creating and distributing corporate training to employees can be time-consuming, and some L&D teams, especially small teams, are short on time due to the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has presented. In some cases, these teams are having to rapidly create compliance training content in response to new regulatory requirements related to health and safety. This is in addition to the regular corporate training courses not related to COVID-19 that L&D teams are already responsible for creating. 

By implementing a few time-saving ideas, learning and development teams can assemble employee training more quickly while maintaining the quality and integrity of the training.

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Three ways your team can save time creating corporate training

Is your training team crunched for time due to the COVID-19 crisis? If so, give these time-saving corporate training tips a try:

1.Create a set of training standards

Having a set of training standards is important as it provides guidelines that enable L&D professionals to create training a bit faster. A contributor at eLearningIndustry.com stated, “Online training standards help organizations to create a cohesive online training program that focuses on what employees need to know and how their progress will be evaluated... Every organization should develop its own unique online training standards that are custom tailored to their needs, goals, and objectives.”¹

The first step in creating a set of employee training standards is performing a training needs assessment. This is an in-depth process that involves defining business goals, evaluating employees’ skill sets, identifying knowledge gaps within the workforce, and, finally, planning training. Once the training needs assessment has been successfully performed, it should be easy for the L&D team to put together a set of training standards.

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2. Purchase off-the-shelf courses or hire a content creator

L&D teams that are short on time and use an online learning platform should consider supplementing their online employee training programs created in-house with courses purchased from a third-party vendor. While they may prefer to create their own content, it can be helpful to buy ready-made courses when time is limited, if the training budget allows. Many companies prefer a mix of creating training in-house and outsourcing training. 

Another time-saving tip for creating corporate training is to hire an eLearning content creator. An eLearning content creator is valuable because they can lessen the training burden on your L&D team, improve online training resource allocation, reduce the cost of eLearning authoring tools, and expedite the training creation timeline. “These experts know how to handle common obstacles and have already (perfected) their approach,” stated a contributor to eLearningIndustry.com.² “This is what they do for a living. So, they’ve streamlined their work practices and are at the top of their collaboration game.”  

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3. Use LMS content management tools

LMS content management tools can be very helpful to L&D teams that want to create content more quickly. Many learning management systems feature content management tools that enable administrators to speed up the process of assembling training. For example, the TOPYX LMS content management feature allows administrators to use multiple forms of media when creating a course, as well as quiz and assignment tools. TOPYX partners with iSpring to offer further capabilities for users to include in their content catalog. This additional service provides access to detailed LMS content creation and authoring tools that are easy to use and integrate seamlessly with the learning management system features. 

In addition to enabling L&D teams to create content more quickly, an LMS gives learners 24/7 online access to training, allows administrators to track learners’ training progress, and reduces the cost of training for organizations.³

Start saving time with TOPYX LMS

Our LMS can help your L&D team overcome obstacles to creating, distributing, tracking, and reporting on training during the COVID-19 pandemic via features such as content management, LMS reporting, and certifications. Request an LMS demo of the TOPYX platform today to learn firsthand how an online learning system can make the content creation process quicker and easier. 

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Debbie Williams

Debbie Williams

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