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How to Use an LMS to Promote Certifications During Corporate Training

by Debbie Williams

Certifications are often overlooked during corporate training simply because they require a lot of effort if done without a learning management system (LMS). This is unfortunate since employee certification:

  • Drives results in an L&D program by setting defined standards for employees to meet.
  • Measures employees’ skills and knowledge, providing feedback employers need to craft better training programs.
  • Encourages learning engagement and provides a sense of accomplishment for employees.

A learning management system makes it easy for companies to certify employees and reap these benefits, as well as many others.

How an LMS Makes Employee
Training Certification Easy

Including certifications in corporate employee training is important, but it can be burdensome for companies that don’t have a realistic plan for managing the process of certifying learners. Administrators can make things easier by using an eLearning system for this purpose.

The most obvious way an LMS promotes and simplifies corporate training certification is through its ‘certifications’ feature. This type of feature comes in handy for administrators, as it:

  • Provides ongoing, online certification training.
  • Tracks users’ progress with ease and delivers detailed reports to administrators.
  • Rewards those who earn designations by delivering digital or physical certificates to them.

All companies, especially those with a considerable number of employees to certify, will benefit from using an LMS with this feature.

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3 Ways to Promote Corporate Training Certification with an LMS

It can be difficult for administrators to get employees on board with certification. This is where an LMS really comes in handy. It organizes the the certification process and makes it less taxing for learners.

In addition to using the LMS ‘certifications’ feature to get employees certified post-training, here are a few other ways you can promote certifications and make them easier for employees to attain with your eLearning system:

1. Space out training to increase knowledge transfer

To earn a certification, employees must gain specific skills and obtain information that sticks with them. In other words, they need knowledge transfer to happen so that what they learn in training can translate to their certification exam.

Knowledge transfer takes place when training is spread out over a period of time and practiced over and over, according to Training Magazine². An LMS facilitates this by allowing administrators to space out eLearning segments and foster repetition of what was learned by using the LMS learning paths feature.

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2. Educate employees about certification

Certifications in corporate training benefit employees, but they may not be aware of this or of the specific ways it does. By creating an eLearning course that addresses this, you can educate employees about how corporate training certifications give workers a professional advantage while helping employers at the same time.

Course content may cover what a professional certification is, outline its objectives and explain how it helps workers better perform their jobs. The eLearning course could motivate individuals to pursue training certifications that are not mandatory.

3. Encourage employees to share their success with peers

An LMS is called a ‘social learning management system’ because it fosters connection, communication, teamwork and knowledge sharing.

Encourage workers to be more social and share about the certifications they’ve earned or are working on or learning about with their coworkers. They can do this by using LMS social and collaborative learning features like real-time chat, forums and online communities.

Certificate-holders could also share study tips and their personal motivation for pursuing certifications, providing motivation for others to develop professionally.   


Does Your Company Prioritize Certification?

When evaluating how you can optimize your learning & development programs, you'll want to ensure that you implement Certifications. After considering the benefits, such as increased learner engagement and customer loyalty, it will become an essential element in your employee training. 

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Debbie Williams

Debbie Williams

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