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Why Online Learning is the Best Type of Learning for Employees

by Debbie Williams

Have you ever noticed how things are constantly being improved upon? Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, technologies, companies, and entire cities seem to always in the process of changing for the better. Improvement initiatives are pushed forward by individuals who long to see processes become more efficient, procedures become more safe, and organizations become more effective.

Something that many company decision makers consistently work to improve is employee training. They want to know what type of training employees respond best to so that it can be implemented as soon as possible. These company leaders should know that online learning is the best type of learning for employees.

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Why Online Learning is the Best Type of Learning for Employees

Online learning, also known as eLearning, is computer-based learning that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to employees. It literally has dozens of benefits. Strategies for Nurse Managers published an article about the benefits of computer-based learning (i.e., online learning) that highlighted the advantages of this mode of learning. It said that computer-based learning is…

Cost-effective – According to the article mentioned above, with online learning, “savings occur because of the ability to use fewer instructors to reach many more learners, reduced travel expenses, reduced downtime, and the ability to train a dispersed workforce at the same time or at different levels.”

Available 24/7 – When employee training is Internet-based, it can be accessed at any time, from any device. This drastically increases the odds that employees/learners will participate in training. The freedom that online learning provides makes employee training a more convenient, pleasant experience.

Learner controlled – No one likes to be told what to do. The good thing about online learning is that it puts the learner in the driver’s seat, although high standards of learning are enforced in gentle ways. Since computer-based learning is self-paced, no employee is ever left behind in training. This ensures that costly training never goes to waste, which is great news for companies that invest thousands of dollars into training.

Time conscious – One of the best things about online learning is that it is succinct. In fact, an online learning module can often be completed in a fraction of the time that it would take to learn the information in a classroom setting.

Environmentally friendly – In today’s workplace, “going green” is a huge trend. Online learning facilitates green living and working by eliminating a learner’s need to use paper products. It also allows learners to work remotely and eradicates the need to travel to different training locations.

Personalized – Unlike live training, computer-based employee training can be personalized to the needs of individual learners. The article What are the advantages of using computer-based learning (CBL) as an educational approach? stated, “Adults do not all learn the same way. The variety of CBL and the different methods used to present the content appeals to different learning styles.” This is extremely helpful for employees who struggle to absorb information presented in a traditional learning environment.

Computer-based learning, or online learning, is the learning of the future for businesses as well as educational institutions. For many progressive companies, it is also the learning of the present. Online learning gives these companies an edge that their competitors who rely on traditional, classroom-based learning don’t have.

Employees Prefer Online Learning/Training

Online learning isn’t just beneficial in practical ways; it is also beneficial on an emotional level. eLearning Industry’s article The Top 5 Things Employees Love in Online Training Courses says, “Given that there are so many benefits associated with online training courses, it's no surprise that employees often prefer it over traditional face-to-face training courses.” The article explains that employees love online learning for the benefits mentioned earlier. It’s vital that company leaders make it their goal to invest in a training model that employees will truly enjoy, not just tolerate.

How an LMS Promotes Online Learning in the Workplace

Online learning is ideal for employee training. The question isn’t “what type of learning do employees respond best to?” It’s “how can a company promote online learning?” Online learning can be facilitated in a variety of ways, but the quickest, most straightforward way is by implementing a learning management system (LMS).

A fully hosted LMS makes online learning available to employees by supplying companies with an eLearning content library. The best LMS tools like mobile learning, social learning, language localization, eCommerce, and Learning Tools Interoperability also ensure employees are able to engage in online training. Get a FREE demo of the LMS TOPYX to find out more about why online learning is perfect for employee training.

Do you agree that online learning is the best type of learning for employees? If so, how does your company support online learning in the workplace?


Debbie Williams

Debbie Williams

Director, Marketing