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Don't Invest in an Online Learning System Without These 3 LMS Features

by Debbie Williams

Poor employee performance, high costs of corporate training and low employee engagement with training are all reasons that drive company leaders to invest in an online learning system, or LMS.¹ However, investing in just any eLearning system as opposed to a learning management system with specific features can set companies up for a failed LMS implementation.

To resolve problems related to performance, L&D costs, engagement and more, company leaders should invest in an eLearning system with features that solve their unique problems.

Why Implement an Online Learning System?

As reflected in the success of the $2.5-plus billion LMS market, an online learning system can be incredibly valuable to a company.² This is because a learning management system³:

  • Manages employee training and gives learners 24/7 access to online learning.  
  • Decreases training and development time.  
  • Helps companies stay up-to-date with compliance regulations.

Certain LMS features make benefits like these and many more possible. Without such features, an online learning system simply isn’t effective.person on laptop online learning system

3 LMS Features Every Online Learning System Should Have

Not every LMS is capable of meeting your company’s needs and delivering the advantages mentioned above. To ensure your organization gets the most out of an LMS, choose one with these features:  

  1. Tin Can API -- xAPI, or Tin Can API, tracks a learner’s activities inside and outside an LMS and helps learning technologies communicate. It gives administrators the information they need to tweak employee training and helps them gather data needed to calculate the ROI of L&D programs.

Tin Can API is equally helpful to employees. For example, it gives workers immediate support during training, which is precisely when they need it. It also helps administrators create eLearning that is more effective, relevant and engaging by providing an aerial view of an employee’s online learning progress. This all equates to better learning experiences for employees and increased user engagement.

  1. Certifications -- Many companies require employees to become certified in specific areas during onboarding or as part of ongoing training. Certifications benefit companies by tracking compliance and learner progress, and they benefit employees by offering a sense of accomplishment and allowing workers to be recognized for their training efforts.

The LMS “certifications” feature makes compliance management easy for administrators by ensuring continued compliance and automating important training documentation. This feature can save organizational leaders a lot of time, particularly if they have many employees who require continuing education and ongoing certification.

  1. Integrations -- LMS integrations are superstars in the realm of LMS features. They help systems connect and deploy seamlessly across an organization, promoting better communication and data sharing. The ability to share data through a social technology such as an LMS can raise employee productivity by 20 to 25 percent.4

LMS integrations also increase the user-friendliness of an LMS (and thus the rate at which employees use it) by enabling Single Sign-On (SSO). These integrations also enable webinars and allow administrators to import and export user data between systems.

Explore LMS Features with an eLearning System Demo

Online learning systems vary. Different systems contain different LMS features. Company leaders should know exactly what features an online learning system has and how they work before purchasing it.

After doing some research on eLearning systems that are designed for your industry, request a free LMS demo. This is the best way to explore the features and capabilities of an online learning platform.

Beyond choosing an eLearning system with features like xAPI, LMS integrations and certifications, it’s smart to partner with a learning management system provider that offers superior customer support and is willing to work with you to ensure your expectations are met. The right learning management system paired with the right LMS provider is a no-fail combination.


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Debbie Williams

Debbie Williams

Director, Marketing