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Convince Your Boss to Invest in a Learning Management System: 3 Steps

by Debbie Williams

Companies that use an LMS (learning management system) tend to save money, keep accurate records, have easier audits, and provide on-demand training to employees, according to eLearning Industry.¹ Despite the fact that an LMS can be a major boon to an organization, not every company utilizes one. Employees who want to reap the benefits of a corporate LMS should introduce management to eLearning and its many benefits.

How an LMS Benefits Employee Learners   

While an LMS definitely benefits an organization, employees are individually benefited by a learning management system in the following ways:

  • Training is made available 24/7 and accessible from any device with a Web browser and Internet access.
  • Learning retention and learning engagement are enhanced through LMS eLearning tools.
  • Collaboration is made easy through video conferencing tools that connect employees across oceans.

Since employees receive direct benefits from an LMS, they should not be shy about trying to convince management to invest in one.

“Businesses that enable access to valuable eLearning subjects to their staff enjoy better loyalty from such employees who have a greater sense of accomplishment at their workplace.”²convince your boss to invest in an lms

Convince Management to Invest in a Learning Management System in 3 Steps

Interested in receiving the benefits only an LMS can offer you as an employee? If so, consider suggesting that your boss/managers invest in a learning management system. You can effectively accomplish this in three simple steps:

  1. Explain What an LMS Is -- Some individuals in management positions know what an eLearning system is, but some don’t. Introduce the idea of investing in an LMS by first explaining what an LMS is. Here’s a definition you might want to memorize and recite to management:

“An LMS is a computer software program that delivers, tracks, and reports on training. The ultimate goal in implementing an LMS is to simplify and streamline internal educational procedures and provide convenience to both company leaders and employee learners.”

Don’t forget to share our blog article What Exactly Is an LMS? with company decision makers to help them understand the basic functions of an eLearning system. 

  1. Outline LMS Benefits to Your Boss -- Earlier we mentioned that an LMS can save an organization money, promote accurate record keeping, foster easier audits, etc. While these benefits alone are wonderful, an eLearning system can benefit a company in many other ways. However, the primary way an LMS benefits a company is by simplifying training.

Employee training is absolutely critical to the success of companies and employees. Organizations commonly offer compliance training, hard skills training, soft skills training, technical training, and quality training. An LMS streamlines all training, and even makes it possible for employees to access it 24/7, from any mobile device. This can encourage learners to interact with training more regularly and feel more engaged in L&D programs.  

More than likely, your workplace offers training of some sort. Consider pointing out to your boss the ways in which your company’s employee training program’s delivery, tracking, and reporting could be improved upon by a learning management system.     

  1. Encourage Management to Try a Free LMS Demo -- The first step in implementing an eLearning system is requesting a free LMS demo. A demo will give your managers a few days to try the platform out, get a feel for how it works, and possibly allow employee learners to interact with it. An demo also gives users an inside look at the features the LMS has.

What is the main reason you would like your company to implement a social learning management system? What step will you take to convince management to invest in an LMS?

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Debbie Williams

Debbie Williams

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