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Important Tips to Fully Utilize LMS Integrations for Engaging Training Experiences

by Debbie Williams

Worldwide, almost 25 percent of employees report disengagement at work.1 Employee disengagement can negatively affect corporations by lowering worker morale, impacting company culture, and limiting productivity.

LMS Integration

This workforce problem costs federal agencies somewhere near $65 billion per year.To prevent this issue from escalating, company decision makers can take steps to increase worker satisfaction by creating and delivering relevant and enjoyable training programs.3(Learn to craft an engaging L&D program in our blog article How to Design an Effective LMS Training Program.)

Once compelling learning content is in place, fully utilizing LMS integrations will provide leaders a way to drive employee engagement.

 What are LMS Integrations?

LMS integrations are tools that integrate a learning management system (LMS) with other applications. These integrative tools improve communication by connecting and deploying systems seamlessly across an entire organization.

Benefits of an LMS integration include:

  1. Streamline internal processes.
  2. Ensure accurate data sharing methods.
  3. Prevent an LMS from being used in isolation.
  4. Increase LMS value and promote user adoption by enabling learners to continue interacting with familiar applications along with an eLearning platform.
  5. Facilitate engaging training.

Two Tips to Utilize LMS Integrations for Engaging Training

If your workforce is under-productive and experiencing high turnover, try making training easier to participate in and more enjoyable. Here are two ways to do this with utilizing an LMS integration:

  1. Deliver courses via webinar -- Webinars, or ‘web-based seminars’, take place online through video conferencing software. In short, webinars make training more exciting. eLearning Industry stated, “Webinars offer a time-saving, cost-efficient, and highly effective way to keep learners in-the-know.”4 LMS integrations such as GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, and WebEx Meeting Center enable course delivery through a webinar.

Related Reading: “Webinars are an ideal tool for increasing employee engagement. Collaborative Exchange wrote, ‘Utilize webinar and webcasting services. These visual, interactive, web-based seminars offer features like polls, applications like gamification, and the element of real-time authenticity, all of which make it more enticing to attend and easier for the audience to connect.’” -- TOPYX Using Webinars to Increase Employee Engagement  

  1. Enable a single sign-on login process -- The average employee’s attention span lasts about three seconds.5 A Single Sign-on (SSO) integration enables a quicker sign-on login process, delivering a user experience that encourages workers to actually log onto an LMS often and interact with training frequently. Needing to sign onto an LMS multiple times a day and remember a variety of passwords for different applications can reduce user adoption of an eLearning system. Complicated password roadblocks may decrease training participation. Since receiving quality training is key to employee satisfaction, it’s helpful for administrators to utilize LMS integrations that allow a single sign-on login process.6

TOPYX: an LMS with Integrations That Make Life Easier

TOPYX, a fully hosted, full-featured LMS, comes equipped with integrations that make it easy for users to adopt the eLearning system and regularly participate in training. TOPYX’s integrations include

  • Single Sign-on (SSO), API, FTP, FTPS. These tools maximize user experience. They also enable administrators to create users, add them to groups, and enroll them in courses, as well as manage role permissions.

  • Salesforce. This integration allows leaders to import and export user data between systems, qualify and manage new users, and create custom reports and analytics dashboards.

  • GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, WebEx Meeting Center. Tools such as these permit the delivery of courses through webinars.

TOPYX LMS integrations aren’t just technical. They also affect users on an emotional level by making training easier to participate in and more engaging. 



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Debbie Williams

Debbie Williams

Director, Marketing