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The Top 5 Things to Look for in a Healthcare LMS Solution

by Debbie Williams

The growing need for a healthcare LMS solution is especially crucial in an industry where training is both critical and complex. In the high-pressure environment of patient care, education can be challenging to prioritize as potential emergencies and long hours are common.

However, it is vital that in healthcare, employees stay abreast of developments and changes in several different areas, including compliance and regulatory requirements, product and technological developments, patient management skills, insurance issues, and more.

To ensure employee training is updated and engaging, many healthcare organizations rely on a learning management system (LMS). An LMS can accommodate a large number of participants and offers benefits such as a wide range of subjects, fast deployment, and flexible access to provide employees working odd hours. Further, the right LMS can provide significant cost savings over a traditional, in-person training session.device-electronics-equipment-951241

In healthcare, the benefits of the LMS are being leveraged to provide training in several areas, including:

  1. Compliance: The healthcare industry faces a large number of requirements for maintaining and managing compliance with regulatory requirements. HIPAA requirements ensure the confidentiality of patient information, and violations can be expensive. However, employees may not realize that they are at risk of violating HIPAA when they use mobile devices, texting, or social media to communicate information. Updated compliance training that addresses a changing work environment is key to a healthcare company to ensure avoiding expensive violations.
  1. Pharmaceutical Training: Pharmaceuticals are changing, updating and developing continuously. A cloud-based LMS can help ensure that your employees stay on top of new information, and ensure accurate tracking of employee education.
  1. Preventative Care: Employees and patients can benefit from the implementation of an LMS system that incorporates training in preventative care. Medical professionals that are knowledgeable about the most current developments in preventative care can provide patients with the best information on improving their health, and provide the best care to patients is the purpose of the healthcare industry.
  1. Interpersonal Training: Sensitivity, understanding, and communication are foundational to the relationships between healthcare providers and patients. Creating and maintaining skills in employees that help them to relate to patients, and communicate with sensitivity, can help to increase patient satisfaction and improve employee morale as well.
  1. Talent Management: Finally, a learning management system can help an organization to build an internal talent pool. An LMS can facilitate the creation of a clear outline of job requirements and plan to close skill gaps. Lastly, it can be the foundation for creating an internal succession plan. Employees that have a clear career path and feel that the company is investing in them tend to have higher morale and overall job satisfaction than those that do not.

How can you remain compliant?

Managing training for a group of healthcare professionals is an enormous and complicated task. A trainer must ensure that all employees are up to date on regulatory requirements, proficient in the use of new equipment, and knowledgeable about developments in pharmaceuticals, managing chronic conditions, and preventative care.

Further, a healthcare LMS must ensure that record-keeping is sound and courses are diverse, quickly deployed, and available to employees working various shifts on a 24-hour cycle. All of this occurs in addition to the regular LMS concerns, that training is effective, engaging, and useful in the organizational environment.

Choosing the correct LMS for a healthcare organization helps trainers meet the complex needs of healthcare professionals and ensure that employees and patients are satisfied with the care provided. The TOPYX LMS is a flat-fee LMS that checks all of these boxes and will facilitate any healthcare training need your organization might come across.

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Debbie Williams

Debbie Williams

Director, Marketing