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Creating a Better eLearning Experience for Your Employees Part 2: Gamification

by Debbie Williams

Looking for a way to deliver a better eLearning experience to your employees? Integrating gamification into your online courses can help. Gamification in eLearning provides learners with constant, automatic feedback, recognition, and motivation to continue engaging with training.

A contributor at eLearning Industry wrote, “Working against personal benchmarks, being recognized for a job well-done, offering training narratives – gamification really can cater to everyone's needs in the organization. Together with the ability to view feedback at any given time, gamification allows everyone, and not only those at the top of (the) leaderboard, to enjoy the possibility of improving their performance.”2

Including elements of gamification in employee training is a surefire way to optimize their learning experience. A few simple tips can help you get started.Optimize eLearning for employees using these gamification ideas.

3 Ways to Use Gamification to Improve eLearning for Employees

Ready to begin gamifying eLearning content? Check out these ideas:

1. Simulate conversations in online courses

Customer service is a skill virtually any type of employee in any industry can use. Even those who don’t interact with customers can apply the communication skills learned in a customer service course to their work life. You can solidify online learning and promote training retention by gamifying customer service courses, as well as others.2

A quick way to gamify a customer service course is by simulating conversations within it. Such a simulation mimics a conversation that an employee and customer might have. Seek ideas for dialogue prompts from real customer-employee conversations. Learners should be prompted to participate in the simulated conversations in real-time so that they will learn to think on their feet when communicating with customers.

2. Integrate live role-play into eLearning

Digital gamification is not the only form of gamification there is. Live gamification, such as role-play, also delivers benefits to learners. Training Magazine said role-play can increase learner confidence and better their listening and creating problem-solving skills.3 Training designers can integrate live role-play into any an eLearning course to promote these benefits.

Adding role-play into an online course can be easy. First, ensure learners understand what their role is, as well as the role of the other player. For example, employee number one might play the customer and employee number two play the client in a real-life scenario.

“Give the ‘customers’ or ‘clients’ a personality profile and list of objectives that the trainee doesn’t know about. Make the goal to determine the ‘customer’s’ objectives,” suggested a contributor to Training Magazine.4 Next, create eLearning prompts that let learners know when to stop engaging with online learning, start role-playing, and then resume eLearning.

3. Use leaderboards in online employee training

Another way to create a better eLearning experience for your employees is by using leaderboards within online courses. A leaderboard is a gamified learning tool that ranks learners based on their performance in training. 

According to eLearning Industry, leaderboards engage learners. “(Employees)...quickly understand that the competitive or gaming component of training means that they must engage (with training) – and that they should probably make an effort to land somewhere in the middle of the pack when it comes to ratings.”5

Engagement with training content is vital to an exceptional employee learning experience, but engaging learners can sometimes be difficult. Begin implementing leaderboards and see if employee engagement with eLearning increases. 

Interested in learning some additional ways to gamify your eLearning courses? Read our blog, “How to Leverage eLearning Gamification in Your Online L&D Program.” Or if you would like to learn more about how the TOPYX LMS can transform your business, request a personalized demo.eLearning Trends for 2020 ebook


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Debbie Williams

Debbie Williams

Director, Marketing