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Common Questions Around eLearning and Learning Management System (LMS)

by Jeffrey Roth

eLearning has become a hot topic in the past few years. As a multi-billion dollar industry, it is also growing exponentially. Obviously, eLearning has the capacity to meet a vast array of corporate needs, thus its popularity.

It is the rare business owner who has no interest in eLearning. Have you put in place a social learning management system (LMS)? If not, you may have unanswered questions about eLearning. Read on to find reliable answers to your questions about eLearning. Find out how it could affect your business.

eLearning Questions

Answers to Common eLearning Questions

Q: "Is eLearning only for large businesses?"

A: eLearning benefits small, medium and large businesses. Businesses of different sizes have varied needs. A good social learning management system can meet them all. For example, an LMS is excellent at lowering the bottom line of a large business.

For a medium-sized business, eLearning systems can streamline the onboarding process. This saves time. Small businesses usually value eLearning for the training flexibility that it offers. Whether your business is small, medium or large, an LMS can help.

Q: "Are learning management systems expensive?"

A: It depends on the LMS. Some learning management systems are quite expensive. An LMS that charges per-user fees is financially dangerous. But, there are many eLearning platforms that are reasonably priced. Almost always, cloud-based learning management systems are cheap.

Flat-rate LMS pricing is usually maintained offsite by service providers. This means there is no need for in-house IT maintenance. Often, these LMSs end up saving companies money in the long run by cutting down on training expenses.

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Q: “Can an eLearning system integrate with other systems?”

A: Yes, many LMSs are designed to integrate with other systems. After all, if systems do not connect, it is hard to share data. Features like single sign-on, API integration, and FTP are key.

Salesforce integration, and learning tools interoperability are also important. These connect a company’s already-existing systems with a social learning management system. Not every platform has these LMS integration features, but some do.

Q: “Will an LMS isolate my employees?”

A: No. Learning management systems have useful social learning features. These encourage employee connection instead of hindering it. An LMS enables employees to work from isolated locations. But, it also facilitates collaboration with features like video conferencing and realtime chat. Some business owners like that their employees are more connected, because of an LMS.

Q: “Can a learning management system meet all my employees’ training needs?”

A: Yes. A learning management system can meet an array of corporate needs. But, it is primarily designed to offer training solutions. Mobile learning enables employees to access quizzes and course content anywhere.

And at any time, from any device. This is possible with Internet connection and a Web browser. Whether you want an online training model or one with a blended format, an LMS can make this a reality.

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A plethora of features make up a “dream” LMS. Learning tools interoperability, mobile learning, and social learning tools are key. So are language localization and LMS integrations, to name a few. You can find all these features in TOPYX.

TOPYX is an award-winning social learning management system. Organizations like 3M and Honeywell use this system. TOPYX is a flat-rate eLearning system that benefits small, medium and large businesses. This LMS also connects employees. It provides training solutions and integrates well with other systems.

To say the least, the eLearning industry is popular. This 2.5 billion dollar industry will only continue to grow. As it grows, more business owners will need answers. Answers to questions about learning management systems. LMS seekers should research until they have the information they need. This is how to make an informed decision about what eLearning system to launch.

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