TOPYX eLearning Platform

TOPYX® eLearning Platform

The eLearning industry is in a state of major acceleration. More and more companies are taking corporate training programs online to maximize educational gain while simultaneously cutting excess costs.

Utilizing an eLearning platform not only saves businesses money, they also provide employees with access to instructional materials and introduce a scalable, consistent, and updated learning program that promotes large-scale success.

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TOPYX eLearning Platform

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Choosing the Right eLearning Platform for Your Business

eLearning platforms enable companies to create customizable learning experiences to accelerate employee productivity and performance. A personalized approach to corporate learning enables employees to absorb training more quickly, which ultimately improves a business's bottom line.

Learning management software is at the core of online educational training, and selecting the right one could be the catalyst that escalates your business to the top. TOPYX provides a tailor-made LMS that couples outstanding customer service with low, fixed-cost pricing.

Maximize Training Program Effectiveness With The TOPYX eLearning Platform

  • Customized courses and features. Create a unique program that works best for your company to increase employee engagement and knowledge retention.

  • Predictable expenditures and budget. Easily forecast training spend in advance with a fixed-cost pricing strategy.

  • Ease of use for learners and administrators. View report cards and transcripts for clear progress tracking accessible to both learners and managers.

  • Quick implementation. Minimize complicated technical setups with faster-than-average LMS installation.

  • Dedicated support. Connect with one dedicated point of contact for your account to address specific questions or issues associated with your LMS.

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