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5 Ways to Accelerate Any Corporate eLearning Course

by Debbie Williams

In the United States, corporations account for at least 37.4% of the multi-billion-dollar eLearning market.1 These corporations launch innumerable corporate eLearning courses each year. The purpose of each of these courses is the same: to provide effective training, no matter the type (compliance, technical, customer service, etc.), in a timely manner.

While it’s vital that learners fully grasp the information offered through training, there is value in accelerating a corporate eLearning course. The sooner employees complete a course, the sooner they can move to the next one, gaining new skills and insights. Increased productivity and momentum around training can result.   

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Accelerate a Corporate eLearning Course: 5 Quick Tips

Whereas designing and launching a corporate online learning program may take considerable time, accelerating an eLearning course can be quickly accomplished with tips like these:

  1. Increase employee adoption of the course -- A training course can’t be accelerated unless it is first adopted by most learners. Facilitate this by teaching employees exactly how to technically navigate the corporate LMS or other eLearning technology that delivers the course. Also, encourage adoption by making rewards part of the learning process. eLearning Brothers wrote, “Give your learners something in return for completing each phase of the learning process. This can be as simple as a small eLearning game to break things up, badges and certifications, or even a short, but relevant, diversion.”2


  1. Mobilize online learning -- Employees will complete an online learning course much faster if they can access and interact with it on their mobile devices. Because mobile learning makes it possible for learners to receive training anytime and anyplace, it increases the chances that employees will regularly complete course assignments. Many types of eLearning technology, especially learning management systems, enable mobile learning.  


  1. Ensure learning transfer -- An individual can be exposed to new information and still not learn anything. When this happens, the information presented did not transfer to the student. Ensure learning transfer with microlearning. ‘Microlearning’ refers to training that is delivered in 3-5 minute segments. One might think training delivered in such small nuggets would slow down the learning process, but it speeds it up by increasing knowledge retention.3

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  1. Allow employees to personalize learning objectives -- Empowering employees to create their own objectives for an eLearning course, taking ownership of it, may foster acceleration. An eLearning Industry contributor suggested that enabling learners “to make the learning objectives relevant to why they are taking the course” would accelerate a corporate eLearning program.4


  1. Schedule more tests and quizzes -- Repeatedly retrieving information drives knowledge retention better than repeatedly studying information. This means that giving more online tests and quizzes promotes knowledge transfer and therefore increases the rate at which learners digest online courses.3 


Accelerate Any Corporate Online Learning Course with an LMS  


Companies rely on a scope of eLearning tools to deliver online learning courses. A corporate Learning Management System (LMS) is a one-stop-shop eLearning tool that delivers, tracks, and reports online learning quickly and accurately. Of all steps you might take to accelerate a corporate eLearning course, delivering and managing it through an LMS may be the most powerful.  Request a free demo of TOPYX LMS and set your corporation up for success in 2018.




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Debbie Williams

Debbie Williams

Director, Marketing