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4 Reasons Why Every Company Should Make Remote eLearning a Priority

by Debbie Williams

Today, many companies are having to quickly adapt to managing and training a remote workforce due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which creates new challenges and opportunities for companies in every industry. Fortunately, an LMS training platform can solve many challenges for a newly dispersed workforce every day of the year; not just during times of crisis.

Effective employee training programs can help drive productivity and sales, increase job satisfaction and morale, reduce employee turnover, and minimize risk thanks to safety and compliance training. These results drive a healthier bottom line and help businesses to thrive during challenging times. 

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Why Now is the Time for Companies
to Prioritize Remote eLearning

Here are a few reasons why organizations should place employee training software at the top of the priority list: 

1. eLearning makes it possible for employees to work and learn safely at home

COVID-19 has made it necessary for a large number of employees to work from home. Companies around the globe are launching online learning platforms that feature work-and-learn-from-home tools, such as real-time chat, web conferencing, learning paths, and mobile learning, to make remote work and training possible. Also, online learning platform features, such as LMS reporting, certifications, content management, and LMS integrations, help company leaders manage remote eLearning.

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2. eLearning is more cost-effective than in-person training

The economy in the U.S., as well as in many countries, is suffering. In fact, 40 percent of U.S.-listed companies have lost money due to the Coronavirus crisis.1 Because of this, organizations may be tempted or forced to cut back on employee training temporarily. 

Businesses should consider using remote LMS solution to continue to train staff while saving money. According to, “eLearning development can cost significantly less than in-person facilitation.”2 eLearning allows businesses to deploy and train employees at scale, and allows coursework to be reused and repurposed when appropriate.

3. eLearning maximizes knowledge retention

Online learning through LMS software not only facilitates remote work and training for employees and costs less than traditional training, but it also increases knowledge retention. “Maximizing knowledge retention is one of the most rewarding benefits of eLearning,” according to “eLearning can increase knowledge retention rate by 25-60%, simply because it is much more engaging than learning in a traditional classroom setting.” 

Knowledge retention is important for employees as well as employers because it helps workers derive the maximum benefit from training, which provides companies with a better ROI for training.

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4. eLearning promotes employee engagement, morale, and retention

Because online learning can be so engaging, eLearning can increase worker morale and retention. “In an ILX Group survey, 51% of HR decision-makers said that ongoing eLearning has a direct effect on boosting employee morale, satisfaction and longevity,” explained a contributor to Training Industry.4 Intentionally boosting employee morale by deploying remote eLearning is vital for companies navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. This is because many workers are experiencing unprecedented stress levels, which can lower job satisfaction and disrupt emotional health.

How to Deploy Remote Online Learning Within Days

Some companies fail to deploy remote eLearning because they assume it will break their budget or take too long to implement. The reality is that online learning is cost-effective, and many online learning platforms like TOPYX can be deployed rapidly, enabling companies to provide eLearning to a remote workforce in record time. 

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Debbie Williams

Debbie Williams

Director, Marketing