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4 Compelling Reasons to Switch to a New LMS or Launch Your First Learning Management System

by Debbie Williams

It may be time to switch to a new LMS or launch your first learning management system

If your organization isn’t currently using online learning, there is no doubt that investing in an online learning platform would be helpful. But if you are already offering remote online learning to your employees via LMS, it’s less clear if you should switch eLearning systems. 

Here are some signs that it’s time to consider swapping your current LMS for a new one: 

  • You aren’t getting a good ROI from your LMS
  • Your employees are disengaged with online learning 
  • Reporting on online training is difficult and time-consuming
  • Your LMS doesn’t have mobile learning functionality 
  • Your LMS isn’t customizable 

Many reasons justify switching to a new LMS (or, if you aren’t already using one, purchasing an online learning platform for the first time). Below are a few more of the top reasons to invest in online learning or switch to a different LMS.  

4 Reasons to Try a New Learning Management System or Invest in Your First LMS

Here are four reasons your company should try a new learning management system or launch its first LMS: 

1) Online learning is good for the environment 

Online learning is better for the environment than traditional in-person learning. This is one of the top reasons every organization should implement an LMS. 

The article 4 Unsung Environmental Benefits of Online Education1 explained that remote learning cuts down on the use of gas, reduces pollution, preserves natural resources, and saves paper. 

“A study by the Stockholm Environmental Institute (SEI) showed that online learning courses resulted in a 90 percent emission reduction,” the article stated. “Online learning consumes up to 90 percent less energy than traditional sources.”

The article also stated that a study by the University of West Georgia indicated that for every ten students who did not commute to school, carbon dioxide emissions were reduced by up to one ton per semester. Employees who work and engage in employee training from home also reduce carbon dioxide emissions. 

Many organizations value sustainability. If it is in your company’s core values to be eco-friendly, online learning is a must. You can create, deliver, track, and report on online learning with an LMS. 

2) Online learning can save you money 

With inflation at a record high, most organizations across all sectors are seeking ways to save money. In June 2022, McKinsey & Company2 explained, “A new survey finds that inflation now tops the list of perceived economic hazards…” Companies are feeling the effects of inflation, and it is causing a host of problems.

One of the best ways to save money during times of economic stress is to stick to online learning. Remote learning reduces travel-related costs, as well as minimizes lost productivity. “...studies show that companies that adopt eLearning end up saving up to 60% in overall training time,” stated an article by Lorman.3  

Also, online learning reduces the burden on administration by streamlining the onboarding process. This can free up time for them to perform income-generating tasks. It also makes tracking training easier and less time-consuming. The article Importance of Online Training4 stated, 

“Online training takes the paperwork, Excel spreadsheets, disorganization, and stress out of training and development programs. Compliance training, annual training, or specific job training courses can be set to automatically assign and track participation. This allows managers and administrators to spend less time tracking and making sure that each employee gets the training they need.”

To save money, it is vital that organizations choose the right LMS. The most cost-effective LMS available is the flat-rate learning management system. A flat-rate LMS never charges companies per-user fees. 

Here’s everything you need to know about TOPYX LMS flat-rate pricing

3) A new LMS can offer a better user experience 

If your employees and other LMS users aren’t happy with their learning management system experience, chances are they won’t use the LMS often enough to justify the company’s investment in it. The primary reason why employees do not participate in online training is because they are disengaged and find the online learning system difficult to navigate. A new LMS can alleviate this problem, ensure employees have excellent user experiences, and keep them coming back for more training. 

“User experience (UX) is the emotional reaction that users have when interacting with your LMS,” explained Lambda Solutions.5 “One of the biggest factors affecting UX is your User Interface (UI). If using and navigating your LMS is confusing, time-consuming, or off-putting (think ugly design), nobody is going to look forward to using it, even if you are providing content people are genuinely interested in.”

There are certain features that help TOPYX LMS deliver a great user experience. Just one is LMS integrations. 

An LMS shouldn’t be siloed away from the rest of your software. To improve efficiency, communication, and the overall user experience, systems need to connect and deploy seamlessly across your entire organization. TOPYX LMS integration solutions streamline internal processes and ensure accurate data sharing methods and top-notch UX. 

Learn about some of TOPYX’s other LMS features that promote a great user experience here.  

4) An LMS makes on-the-go, remote learning possible 

Is your company’s training mobile-friendly? If not, rates of learner engagement may not be as high as they have the potential to be. 

Today, most organizations are using remote learning to some degree. Apollo Technical6 said over 4.7 million people work remotely at least half the time in the U.S. These people need access to online employee training. LMS mobile learning makes on-the-go, remote training possible and enjoyable. 

With TOPYX mobile learning, employees can access content on demand, regardless of location or time zone. All a user needs for a great learning experience is an internet connection and a mobile device.

A few of the benefits of mobile learning include:

  • Greater accessibility for all users - Accessible learning paths give users the flexibility to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule.
  • Reasonable costs - There are no added hardware or connectivity charges with mobile learning as most employees already own smartphones or tablets.
  • Increased productivity - Mobile learning provides flexibility and freedom outside of office hours. This gives employees the ability to increase productivity in other areas of their work.

TOPYX LMS delivers a superior user experience with a responsive mobile design, supported on every mobile device. TOPYX LMS:

  1. Is compatible with all smartphones and tablets, including iPhone, iPad, and Android.
  2. Protects data and information through a secure environment.
  3. Promotes swift, responsive user interactions with reliable uptime.

Also, TOPYX mobile learning will never incur added costs for your organization.

TOPYX mobile learning enables employees to learn while standing in line at the grocery store, sitting at home on the couch, or intermittently, while running errands. It is a must for all organizations that want to build a strong learning culture and improve skills. 

Request a free LMS demo of TOPYX to learn more. 

Why You Should Choose TOPYX LMS as Your Next Training Solution

If you’ve decided it’s time to switch to a new LMS or launch your first learning management system, TOPYX may be the right choice for you. TOPYX LMS: 

  • Makes it easy for organizations to offer mobile learning, enabling on-the-go training that results in high levels of learner engagement
  • Helps administrators easily create, deliver, track, and report on remote, in-person, or hybrid training 
  • Enables organizations to promote sustainability and practice eco-friendliness
  • Can help organizations save money on employee training 
  • Makes remote training possible for a dispersed workforce
  • Offers the best possible LMS user experience

If you want to close employee skills gaps, onboard employees quickly, and manage certifications easily, TOPYX LMS is for you. 

Want to launch TOPYX in a matter of days, not weeks? TOPYX Quick Start LMS would be the perfect fit for your organization. TOPYX Quick Start includes flat-fee pricing for up to 500 learners and COVID modules around remote leadership and productivity. Setup, training, and support are included at no extra cost. TOPYX Quick Start users also enjoy a variety of TOPYX LMS features that fit their business needs. 


Request a free LMS demo of TOPYX Quick Start today. 


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Debbie Williams

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