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You Can Run an LMS, No IT Team Needed

by Jeffrey Roth

Learning management systems sound much more intimidating than they are. Many business owners are interested in implementing an LMS because they know that the right social learning platform can greatly increase workplace efficiency and even change company culture. However, these individuals mistakenly believe that they do not have what it takes to run a learning management system without the assistance of an IT team. As you’ll conclude from this article, nothing could be further from the truth.

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LMS Software is Easily Implemented and Maintained

Learning management system (LMS) software has never been easier to implement, incorporate and manage. Believe it or not, with the right tools you caneasily run a learning management system. Combining the technology and administration tools of cutting edge LMS software (like TOPYX®) with a trusted team of administrators will result in efficient business solutions for your organization.

You Don’t Need an IT Team to Maintain an LMS

Everyone who uses an LMS should find it effortless. However, this only happens when a learning management system is installed and managed correctly. The good news is you don’t need to hire a third party IT team to accomplish this mission. An SaaS/Cloud offering makes it possible to operate an LMS in-house with no additional IT resources. In fact, leveraging an SaaS offering reduces the burden of technical maintenance and management of your eLearning program.

The easiest way to ensure successful upkeep of a social learning platform is to build a team of individuals who are skilled in administration, technical management and system management. With a little training, this group of capable people will see that an LMS is smoothly run without the involvement of an IT team.

Here are the three key individuals you’ll need on your LMS task force:

LMS Administrator

It’s crucial that a learning management system administrator is appointed at the start of the process of LMS implementation. This individual will become your company’s eLearning expert and should know the ins and outs of LMS administration tools. With an LMS platform like TOPYX, some administrative features include a user-friendly dashboard, information sharing via import and export, easily managed site settings, control options for user sign-in, and ability to add subjects and materials. These types of tools make it simple for someone skilled in administration to quickly become familiar with an LMS and make it flourish.

LMS Technical Manager

Do you have an employee who is skilled in programming? If so, try to recruit him or her for the role of LMS technical manager. Since eLearning programs have administration interface options, your LMS technical manager won’t have to be bothered with coding. This person will oversee maintenance of the LMS, so he or she must spend some time exploring the inner workings of the learning management system. It’s best if this individual communicates with ease and is able to diagnose technical problems and work towards their resolution. Your LMS technical manager may not be able to solve every eLearning system problem, but this key player should be able to describe technical issues in a way that allows him or her to reach out to professionals who will have solutions.

LMS System Administrator/Manager

If you choose to implement a quality LMS that is easy to use, you will likely only need to appoint one system administrator/manager. This person will be responsible for maintaining functional standards of the LMS and answering any questions that users and learners may have.

Wise business owners know that eLearning is the way of the future and are actively seeing the right LMS. However, some of these individuals get lost in the sea of eLearning software that is overpriced, underdeveloped and requires IT management. Since there are so many different LMSs available, some good, some bad, it’s vital that business owners do some research to determine which eLearning system is the most effective AND can be run without an IT team. After all, the right LMS can be the difference between a business that thrives and a business that struggles.

TOPYX is an award winning learning management system that can help purposeful organizations prosper without the involvement of an IT team. Take a tour of our LMS today by requesting a free TOPYX demo.