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Working Remotely and Workplace Continuity CAN Coexist

by Jeffrey Roth

In your opinion, how important is workplace continuity to business success? We believe that workplace continuity is paramount to corporate success – so do many others. Although workplace continuity is generally valued in the corporate world, it tends to be elusive. Why? Because with more and more employees working remotely, it’s becoming difficult for organizational leaders to get all their workers in one place, at one time. Are you experiencing this problem?

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Is Working Remotely Incongruent with Workplace Continuity?

Working remotely is beneficial to a company’s bottom line and appealing to workers. Many employees truly do better work from a remote location, which results in increased productivity, higher business income, etc. Unfortunately, employees who work remotely often feel out-of-touch with their peers. This dichotomy poses a challenge to companies that value teamwork and also see the good that comes from employees working off-site. Despite this challenge, working remotely is not incongruent with workplace continuity. In fact, the two can complement each other when the right support system is in place.

How to Bring Continuity to a Workplace
with Off-site Employees

Are you eager to know what type of support system will allow employees to work remotely AND foster workplace continuity? If so, we have the answer for you: a learning management system (LMS).

If you’re surprised that an LMS can bridge the gap between the two extremes of remote working situations and workplace continuity, you’re not alone. Sadly, too many professionals don’t understand how powerfully an LMS can promote workplace continuity and provide an online workspace where employees collaborate, communicate and get work done. 

eLearning Facilitates Workplace Collaboration

Employees collaborate best when they can connect in-person, right? Not necessarily. Learning management systems allow workers to connect with their peers in online spaces. A sizeable amount of employees actually prefer to collaborate online. Screen sharing, realtime chat and video conferencing make online collaboration easy and fun, and also cut the costs of live meetings and training sessions. An eLearning system is ideal for uniting employees in a way that increases productivity and facilitates human connection.

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An LMS Improves Professional Communication

Face-to-face communication is great, but it is not the only effective form of communication. Online communication is rapidly growing in popularity, and for good reason: people can fit it into their busy workdays. With a social LMS that features calendaring, personal profiles, announcements, forums, polls, and blogs, online communication becomes a breeze. 

eLearning Systems Help Employees Get Work Done

Some employers hesitate to implement an LMS for fear that doing so will impede employee productivity. Put this concern to rest by understanding that you can measure the success of an online workspace. There are a couple ways to do this. First, ask yourself these questions: “Are projects moving forward? Do they meet the company’s standard of quality? Is work being completed by deadline?” As you assess the answers to these questions, you’ll know if an eLearning system is helping employees who work remotely get work done in a timely manner.

Another way to measure the success of an online workspace is by utilizing the reporting tools built into an LMS. These tools makes it simple for system administrators keep track of employee contributions and team progress. More so, reporting tools help you gauge how employees are doing with specific tasks, like certification programs and companywide training. 

Ensure Workplace Continuity with an LMS

Do some of your employees work remotely? Are you concerned that this will cause a lack of workplace continuity? If so, seriously consider implementing a cost-saving social learning management system. The right LMS will provide an online space for your workers to collaborate, communicate and get work done.

TOPYX is an award-winning LMS that is taking the e-learning technology sector by storm. This flat fee, no-pay-per-user platform offers high-tech LMS reporting tools, mobile learning, calendaring, personal profiles, realtime chat, screen sharing, conferencing, and so much more.

The boardroom has moved. It doesn’t only exist down the hall; it also exists on the cloud. Facilitate workplace continuity while giving your employees the freedom to work remotely by implementing a social LMS. 

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