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Why the Traditional LMS Is No Longer Effective

by Jeffrey Roth

Does your organization use a traditional learning management system (LMS) or a more modern, relevant eLearning system?

If you're unsure whether or not your LMS is outdated or modern, you are certainly not alone; most learning management system users don't understand the differences between these two types of eLearning systems.

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What’s the Difference Between a Modern LMS and a Traditional LMS?

It’s important that you realize the differences between newer and older learning management system models. First, the traditional LMS model is a monolithic structure that acts as a giant repository of information being pushed out to the learner. Second, traditional LMS platforms are somewhat generic, and don’t take into account an organization’s unique learning needs. Third, these LMSs perpetuate the model of “going to” training. (Whether it’s ILT or eLearning, the old LMS model still requires a learner to sit for long periods of time and consume chunks of information that may or may not be received.) And finally, these traditional systems obtain little or no feedback from the user; the few that do, seldom integrate changes based on that feedback.

Well-designed social learning management systems, however, make it easy to build community in the context of a learning environment. Such LMSs make room for the valuable input of coaches, mentors, experts, and colleagues, which results in a vibrant company culture. Many social learning management systems feature mobile learning, which allows users to access work-related information from any device that has a web browser and an Internet connection, anywhere, at any time. This type of eLearning system is generally packed with interactive tools that elevate the learning experience and cause a user to better comprehend and retain the information they are presented with. It is the rare individual who does not prefer a social learning management system to a traditional LMS.

While a social LMS is certainly a giant leap up from a traditional eLearning system, it is still vital to apprehend that every social LMS isn’t necessarily excellent. Sure, there are amazing social learning management systems on the market, but only those that solve a company’s problems and add value to an organization should be considered exceptionally good.

Are You Using or Considering a Top-of-the-line LMS? Find Out…

Ask yourself the following questions about a social learning management system to find out whether or not it is of excellent quality:

  • Does it allow for open collaboration and knowledge sharing?
  • Does it allow for evaluating the effectiveness of the social learning experience?
  • Does it integrate with your organization’s existing systems and tools?
  • Does it track the history and outcomes of the social learning process?
  • Does it improve productivity?
  • Does it provide a means to rate and prioritize social learning interactions?
  • Does it make learning easier?
  • Does it benefit the company, employees, business partners, and customers?

The answers to these questions should be sought out by those who want to invest in an outstanding eLearning system. In fact, it would be wise for learning management system administrators to ask these evaluative questions concerning the eLearning system they currently utilize.

Invest in a Social LMS That Supports Your Company’s Mission and Goals

If you want to implement an exceptional LMS, we urge you to do your research. Don’t be fooled by persuasively-worded eLearning system marketing materials. Instead, base your decisions about an LMS on practical application. A top-of-the-line social LMS is one of the best investments your organization can make, so look for a full-featured eLearning system that will support your company’s goals, mission and vision.

TOPYX® is an award-winning social LMS that has proven to be an asset to organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, CSX and Rotary International. This social learning management system comes loaded with features like mobile learning, Learning Tools Interoperability, eCommerce, language localization, and much more. TOPYX is as up-to-date as a social LMS can be.

There is no need to get stuck with an irrelevant LMS that doesn’t have tools designed specifically to benefit your organization and workforce. Pass up outdated eLearning systems and opt for a social LMS that has the ability to bring the best and brightest minds within your organization together.