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Why Customer Training is Important for Manufacturing Companies

by Debbie Williams

Here are 3 reasons manufacturers should make customer training a top priorityCustomer training isn’t just for tech companies. Manufacturers, in particular, have a lot to gain by prioritizing customer training. For example, manufacturing company Procter & Gamble created a free online university for anyone interested in the cleaning industry, including their customers, which includes at least 100 videos, courses, and webinars.1 The online university features product training as well as practical cleaning tutorials. P&G’s training serves its current customers and attracts new ones, as well.

Your company might not have a fraction of P&G’s training budget, but that doesn’t mean you can’t offer customer training. The tips below will explain the importance of manufacturer training specifically designed for customers, which can increase profits, give your company a leg up on the competition, and improve customer engagement.

3 Reasons Why Manufacturing Companies Should Implement Customer Training

No matter the size of your manufacturing company, customer training should be a priority. Here’s why:

1. Customer training can increase profits

Training your customers can boost your company’s profits. This is because customer training increases the awareness that your current customers have of your brand and ensures they understand how to properly use your products (assuming product training is part of your customer training program).

When customers know how to use your products, they will be more satisfied with them, which will encourage them to share your products and company on social media or by word of mouth. This may draw in new customers and increase brand loyalty, both of which will increase your profits. Customer training can offer a manufacturer an additional revenue stream.

2. Customer training provides a competitive edge for your company

In the past, tech companies have had the market on providing state-of-the-art customer training. These companies must provide training to ensure their customers know how to use their complex products. But many manufacturers also create complex products that necessitate product education, which is why customer training is important for the manufacturing industry. 

Customer training isn’t a given for all manufacturing companies. If your company is willing to provide online manufacturer training for customers, it will set itself apart from similar brands that don’t train their customers. Manufacturers seeking a competitive edge may not have to look much further than developing a simple customer training program. What’s more, the program’s online courses don’t need to be extensive - at a minimum, they should meet your customers’ basic needs of product knowledge and address frequently asked questions.

3. Customer training improves customer engagement

Without engaged customers, a company in any industry will crumble. One way manufacturers can create a better customer experience is by offering customer training. Why? Because it gives customers not only greater knowledge of the company’s products, but of the company itself, including its culture, values, and mission. Customer training also helps individuals feel more connected to a company, even if only through videos that feature live instructors.

What Platform Should You Use to Deliver Customer Training?

There are several online platforms manufacturers can use to distribute customer training. One option is an extended enterprise LMS for manufacturers. An extended enterprise LMS can help you create courses for your customers, as well as deliver, track, and report on them. 

Want more information about training your customers using an extended enterprise LMS? Read our blog, “How to Train Your Customers Using an Extended Enterprise LMS Training System” or request a personalized LMS demo of TOPYX.

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Debbie Williams

Debbie Williams

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