Why an LMS is a Great Sales and Marketing Tool

by Jeffrey Roth

There is not a company in existence that would not benefit from higher sales. After all, increased revenue equals a larger workforce equals higher productivity equals more sales. At least, this would be the cycle in a perfect world.

The fact is that many companies are selling more products than they did in the past and still are not seeing the rising profits they need in order to survive. These companies often add onto their existing product lines by releasing new products. However, a good number of these innovations fail to boost profits. Selling a wide variety of products is usually a company’s desperate attempt to keep its head above water.

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Why Aren’t Companies with Good Sales Making Money?

Why is it that companies are not making an excellent profit as a result of selling more products? The answer is simple: retail costs and marketing expenses are astronomical and eat into profits. Also, costs related to transportation and manufacturing further burn up revenue. When companies begin to lose big money on such expenses, it is a sign that they need to take some of these tasks in-house. This allows businesses to increase their profits without having to constantly churn out new products. 

Businesses Can Market AND Sell Products with an LMS

Business owners who are drowning in expenses related to marketing, manufacturing, transportation, etc., must make a decision to either stay where they are financially or reclaim their profits. Many would love to choose the latter but have no idea how to do so. For these individuals, a social learning management system (LMS) is an alternative solution.

Many people are surprised to learn that an LMS can be used to market and sell products. They assume eLearning platforms are only good for training purposes. This is not the case. Yes, social learning platforms are primarily designed to offer training solutions. However, they also have built-in features (such as eCommerce options and access to social media networks) that make it easy for companies to sell and market products internally and affordably. Ultimately, an LMS may be the only tool a company needs to promote and sell its products and boost profits. 

How an LMS Facilitates Marketing and eCommerce

As you know, a marketing team must be set up to collaborate and create new campaigns lest it lose its edge and customers become disengaged. There is no better way to facilitate this type of situation than with an eLearning platform. A social LMS that offers access to social media channels can streamline product distribution efforts and ensure marketing teams stay on top of the competition. Are you starting to understand what a powerful marketing tool an LMS can be?

eCommerce options make an eLearning platform hugely attractive to businesses wanting to hold onto their profits. This is because eCommerce tools enable companies to cut out the middleman (the retailer) and sell their products directly. This can free up a lot of money. Also, an LMS with eCommerce options makes it possible for businesses to sell both their tangible and intangible products (think online content, webinars and membership subscriptions). Without a doubt, an LMS’s eCommerce tools maximize the potential of a product line and help companies keep their hard-earned profits.

No company can exist without sales. Unfortunately, the high cost of retail space and outside marketing tools can be a huge weight on any business. It is a shame how many companies with good sales have folded as a result of these expenses. No business should be a victim to this cycle, and with an LMS, they don’t have to. When an eLearning platform is launched, marketing- and sales-related tasks can be brought in-­house and companies can reap the profits they deserve.

Are you utilizing an LMS for your business’s sales and marketing needs?