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The Right LMS Can Revive a Dying Business

by Jeffrey Roth

Did you know that if your business is not thriving, it is dying? That may sound dramatic, but it is true. A business should constantly be taking new ground (building a bigger customer base, expanding its workforce, creating new products and services, etc.). In the business world, stagnation is the kiss of death.

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A common reason why companies become stagnant is that their employees do not receive effective training. Corporate learning that meets the mark encompasses new software, online tools and technical devices. When considering the pace at which innovation moves forward these days, it is increasingly important that companies offer this type of training on a regular basis.

Is your business thriving or just barely hanging on? If the latter, there is a solution that can be quickly implemented. That solution is a social learning management system (LMS), also referred to as an eLearning system.

When a company becomes stagnant, often the first expense to get cut from the budget is the cost of training. What most business owners do not understand is that times of financial crisis call for increased attention on employee training. This is because boosted training initiatives result in more productive employees, which equates to corporate growth. A learning management system facilitates this emphasis on training.

Not just any LMS can revive a dying business. Only eLearning systems with the right features can breathe new life into faltering companies. With the right learning management system, a company can place itself in win-win situations. It can use affordable, customizable software to increase business efficiency and fulfill training needs.

What are some characteristics of a must-have learning management system? As a general rule, corporate growth-promoting eLearning systems are…

Cost effective – When it comes to an eLearning system, quality does not equal costliness. The best LMSs are cost effective and do not charge per-user fees, which can be financially destructive.

Income producing – Securing a remotely hosted LMS makes it possible for a company to reap numerous rewards while taking on minimal risks. An accessible cloud-based data management system, unique communication channels for all users, and long-term training tools are a few examples of such rewards. These tools boost workforce productivity, which ultimately produces more income.

Customizable – If a company’s employee training program is not reflective of its brand, it will not be nearly as effective as it could be. For this reason, a social learning management system should be customizable. One-size-fits-all LMSs should be entirely avoided by businesses that want to grow and present professional-looking online courses to employees.

LMS customization should also apply to learning styles. Not every employee has the same learning style. People learn in many different ways. Some individuals are visual learners, some auditory, some kinesthetic, and the list goes on. Appeal to all types of learners with an eLearning system that offers customizable learning paths. The learning paths feature allows companies to offer various certifications and track the progress of employees. This motivates learners and equips them with the professional skills needed to ramp up productivity and stimulate corporate growth.

When you implement a social learning management system that is customizable, cost effective and income producing, your company cannot lose.

The best LMS software is easy to install and doesn’t come with any hardware, making it an optimal business solution that can equip employees with exceptional training at prices employers can afford. TOPYX, an award-winning LMS, perfectly fits this description. This software-as-a-service solution is remotely hosted, meaning it is maintained off-site by its service provider. TOPYX is a low-maintenance social learning management system that is designed to increase training efforts and boost productivity.

It’s never too late to revive a dying business. Even when business seems static, avoid cutting costs by decreasing your training budget. Instead, go the extra mile, incorporate an LMS and watch your business come back to life.