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Quick and Easy Ways Tech Companies Can Make eLearning More Interactive (and Why They Should)

by Debbie Williams

The current speed of technological change is a marvel. According to Forbes, rapid technological change is the biggest threat to global business.1 Also, a contributor to the New Zealand Listener claimed “the rate of technological change is now exceeding our ability to adapt.”2

Because technology trends change so quickly, tech employees must constantly learn new skills and become familiar with new technologies - including their own products and the tools they use to produce them.Interactive eLearning courses is a key tool for helping employees keep pace with technology and products through interesting, competitive training. According to Training Industry,3 interactive online learning:

  • Enhances learner engagement
  • Improves decision-making
  • Reinforces learning
  • Increases knowledge retention
  • Motivates learners

Simple tweaks to online learning can help tech companies create an interactive training experience for employees.

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Creating Interactive Training: 3 Tips for Technology Companies

Here are a few simple ways to ensure technology training is interactive:

1. Ask more questions

To make online training more interactive, ask learners compelling questions that cause them to engage more deeply with training. eLearning Industry stated,

“During online training courses, do not be afraid to regularly add questions between work documents and modules…. Multiple choice, true/false, matching, fill-in-the-blanks; different formats activate different intellectual responses and should therefore be diversified.”1

Questions prompt learners to recall training content, which drives knowledge retention, so don’t hesitate to reword the same question when appropriate. Also, learners’ answers to the questions your courses ask will give you insight into their comprehension of training and help you determine which areas of training need to be better explained.

2. Give learners control over how they obtain information

Many eLearning courses are linear. While some learners prefer a linear delivery of training, the bright, creative employees tech companies regularly employ often enjoy having more freedom to control their how and how they consume training content.

microlearningTo create interactive training experiences, give your tech employees a little more control over how they obtain information. For example, give them the option of skipping over parts of the training module they feel they already know. Design the course so that they must take a quiz to proceed to the next section of the module, but whenever possible, allow them to skip material that is old news to them.

Author of the article How to Create Interactive E-Learning mentioned another method of promoting interactivity and autonomy in learning: touching screens. Touch-screen learning allows employees to “choose what they want to review. It’s simple, but it’s an easy way to convert your click-and-read content to something more interactive.”4

You can also provide content in multiple formats, allowing employees to choose how they get the information they need. Including the same content in a video, a written document, and an infographic can help training appeal to different types of learning.

3. Provide personalized, structured feedback

Giving learners positive feedback helps them develop professionally and contribute more to your tech company. Rewarding learners with badges can motivate employees, but there is no replacement for personalized feedback.

To simultaneously increase the interactivity of eLearning courses and the morale of learners, have live instructors, supervisors, or managers connect with employees regularly. Encourage them provide feedback on what employees have done well by personally noting their accomplishments as well as providing opportunity areas. This could be done at the end of an eLearning course, mid-way through the course, or both at the midpoint and end of the course. Alternatively, feedback could be provided via digital report cards, which are included in LMS reporting.

Deliver Interactive Training with an LMS

Interactive training engages technology employees, motivates them to grow professional, and increases knowledge retention, which is a good recipe for improving training ROI. While interactive training is often created by an instructional designer, it is best delivered with an LMS that provides the flexibility and freedom employees need to interact with material.

In addition to distributing, tracking, and reporting on interactive online training, an LMS can also solve some of your technology company’s key challenges.
Technology Training with an LMS


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Debbie Williams

Debbie Williams

Director, Marketing