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News-Press Article Highlighting Interactyx Limited's First African Customer

by Jeffrey Roth



By: Christina Cepero

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Interactyx Limited announces that GLOBTOURNET, a subsidiary of RADER Group, has chosen its multi-language TOPYX eLearning software.

Interactyx is the developer and leader in the eLearning software industry through TOPYX, its award-winning learning management system for businesses, nonprofit organizations and academic departments.

GLOBTOURNET, headquartered in the Republic of Cameroon, is dedicated to providing the best technological solutions to reduce the digital divide within Africa, with a priority given to the creation and distribution of eLearning contents. GLOBTOURNET is a member of the RADER Group which is focused on the promotion of sustainable development of Cameroon through the popularization of clean technologies that can help improve productivity (organic farm inputs and farm machinery) and living standards (solar energy, water pumping and water purification products) in rural areas. The idea is to bring a sound and combined contribution in the fight against poverty and climate change

TOPYX will facilitate GLOBTOURNET’s engineers to help schools, farmers’ organizations, environmental and women associations create and publish contents that will be used by their respective target audiences, with a February launch.

“We were looking for the right learning platform that was easy to use and can be made available in English and French,” said GLOBTOURNET Chief Executive Officer Aoudou Perem. “We found everything we were looking for and more, at a price-point that was significantly less than other options. The dedicated team at Interactyx was available to answer all of our questions and helped us every step of the way. We are looking forward to a positive long-term relationship with the good people at Interactyx Limited.”

Interactyx CEO Alfred R. Novas said his company is proud to support GLOBTOURNET's efforts. “We are excited to have GLOBTOURNET join our expanding global TOPYX family, now in Cameroon," Novas said. "We developed TOPYX to be able to accommodate social learning worldwide, no matter the language of the learner. With TOPYX now being used on the continent of Africa, we look forward to its continued global deployment."


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