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How Nonprofits Benefit from a Learning Management System

by Debbie Williams


A wide variety of organizations can benefit from a learning management system (LMS). Nonprofits often experiences incredible growth when an LMS is implemented. If you are trying to get your nonprofit off the ground or would like to see goals reached and income increased, a learning management system may be your solution.

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AN LMS Lowers a Nonprofit Organization’s Bottom Line

Many leaders of nonprofits have big dreams but little revenue. This is not always the case, but commonly is. Nonprofit leaders are well aware of this and make every effort to generate income and reduce expenses. Little do some of these individuals know that a learning management system reduces a nonprofit’s bottom line by lowering the cost of training.

Training is central to a nonprofit’s success, so it is a non-negotiable aspect of a nonprofit organization’s budget. Training can be expensive unless administered through an online platform like an LMS. Classroom-based/traditional training can be a mammoth cost, particularly when hundreds or even thousands of people must be trained. Benefits of eLearning revealed the incredible costs of traditional training:

“For any organization that conducts regular training, it is mandatory to maintain fully furnished training rooms at all the facilities where it needs to conduct training. The cost of hiring/maintaining a single training room can range from $5,000 to $20,000 (or even more) per year, depending on the location.”

The article also mentioned that getting live trainers to and from a physical training location is pricey – about $400-$600 per training. Add in manpower costs and the loss of productivity and you have a heightened bottom line. eLearning, or LMS-based learning, is another story. Organizations with a significant number of members, volunteers, and employees can save serious money by using a learning management system for training.

Nonprofits Can Increase Revenue with a Learning Management System

Not only can a learning management system reduce a nonprofit’s bottom line; it can also help it generate new income. How? By effectively training members, volunteers, and employees. The training offered to these individuals through a learning management system equips them with the skills and tools they need to generate income. Without being sufficiently trained, it’s unlikely that most of these individuals, no matter how talented, will be able to raise the support needed to sustain a nonprofit. Therefore, training is a must.

Enabling Mobile Donations May Triple a Nonprofit’s Revenue

Another way an LMS generates income for a nonprofit is by enabling mobile donations. Nonprofits that don’t enable mobile donations are cutting off a source of much-needed income. According to fundraising technology and services provider Artez Interactive, “Donations to nonprofit organizations from mobile web sites increased 205% over the course of 2012” (as reported in Mobile Donations Triple in 2012).

If any type of organization needs to “go mobile” to survive, it’s a nonprofit. An LMS not only makes a nonprofit association mobile, but it also tracks training, giving administrators vital information about what’s working and what isn’t in the training department.

An LMS Trains AND Tracks Training

As we mentioned earlier, a learning management system trains a nonprofit organization’s members, volunteers, and employees through online courses. In fact, this is precisely what an LMS is designed to do. Many full-featured LMSs are created not only to train individuals, but also to track training.

Often, nonprofits will have huge amounts of volunteers, members, and employees. When training is delivered in a physical classroom, it can be all but impossible to track the results. This is a problem because nonprofit leaders need to know what about training is working, and what isn’t. If training is ineffective, they need to find out why. Only a formal tracking system, such as one built into a learning management system, can provide this type of information. Yet another reason why an LMS can be a lifesaver for a nonprofit.

TOPYX LMS Costs Less for Nonprofits

A learning management system is an all-around amazing solution for nonprofit organizations. However, nonprofit leaders may avoid researching LMSs because they believe they are unaffordable. This is not this case with all social learning management systems.

Do you feel your nonprofit can’t afford a learning management system? If so, you haven’t heard of TOPYX LMS. At TOPYX, we understand that nonprofits often struggle financially. That’s why we offer discounted pricing for qualified nonprofits. Also, TOPYX never charges per-user fees. This means that whether your nonprofit has 1,000 or 100,000 members, TOPYX’s low, flat rate stays the same. And, TOPYX LMS…

  • Enables mobile donations.
  • Expertly trains members, staff, and volunteers through eLearning courses.
  • Encourages collaboration with video conferencing, real-time chat, and other social learning features.
  • Tracks training, providing administrators with the feedback they need to offer training that will give them the best possible ROI.
  • Unites geographically separated association membership via language localization and anytime/anywhere online learning.

Find out exactly how TOPYX LMS works by requesting a FREE demo today.

A nonprofit might uphold the noblest cause in the world, but without providing essential training to members, volunteers, and employees, it will not flourish. Is your nonprofit using a learning management system to facilitate growth and generate revenue?


Debbie Williams

Debbie Williams

Director, Marketing