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4 Reasons Why Mobile Learning is the Future

by Debbie Williams


Company decision makers and eLearning experts are finding that mobile learning is the future of L&D/corporate training. The question is “why?” Read on to find answers.

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4 Reasons Why Mobile Learning is the Future of L&D/Corporate Training

For multiple reasons, mobile learning is the future of L&D/corporate training. This is because mobile learning…

  • Speeds training up – Today’s corporate leaders are interested in training their personnel in the shortest amount of time possible while still promoting knowledge retention. These leaders are discovering that mobile learning shortens the length of time it takes to thoroughly train an employee. Also, it quickens ongoing training, giving employees more time to work and generate income for businesses. A whitepaper created by Lynda stated, “Mobile learning…saves time. It’s been shown to provide the same knowledge transfer and assessment results as classroom or traditional online learning, but in a shorter time frame.” Since time is money, this is great news for business owners and corporate leaders.
  • Is super convenient – One of the main reasons why employees don’t get properly trained is because they don’t participate in the training their employers offer. This isn’t because employees don’t care about training or are defiant; they just don’t have time in their busy schedules to give training the attention it deserves. Mobile learning solves this problem by giving employees access to training 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With mobile learning, people can access training materials at any time, from any place, and from any device with a Web browser and access to the Internet. This allows an individual to choose their device of choice to train on, whether it is a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Mobile learning truly does take convenience to a whole new level.
  • Gamifies learning – Something that employees enjoy most about mobile learning is the fact that it gamifies learning/training. Mobile learning has taught corporate leaders that gaming isn’t a mindless activity to be done at home. These days, gaming is done on the job and for the purpose of engaging people in training that could otherwise be regarded as dry or boring. Games make training fun and cause people to want to participate in training. Growth Engineering’s eBook Mobile Learning and the Future of L&D says, “(Games) are not just pointless timewasters…the mechanics that make games so engaging can enhance the learning experience, improve retention, and make sure the users come back again and again.” Any company leader that struggles to get employees engaged in training should look into mobile apps that gamify training.
  • Boosts knowledge retention – Another great thing about mobile learning is that it has the capacity to significantly boost knowledge retention. The whitepaper mentioned above said, “One global pharmaceutical company achieved a 53 percent improvement in knowledge retention among staff members by using mobile learning to introduce a new product… a recent study of mobile learning focused on how well participants retained training material. Some learners attended a live lecture and others listened to a podcast deployed through a mobile device. The podcast viewers showed considerably better retention, scoring on average nine out of 100 more than the live lecture participants.” Knowledge retention is critical to the success of an employee, and mobile learning is the ideal training mode to facilitate it.

Enable Mobile Learning Through an LMS

Once most company leaders learn about the benefits of mobile learning and how it is the future of L&D, they are ready to implement it. However, if they don’t have a clear-cut plan to enable mobile learning, they may let it fall by the wayside. Don’t let this happen to your company. Mobile learning is too valuable to ignore.

A primary way company decision makers enable mobile learning is by implementing a learning management system (LMS). A learning management system is a computer program that distributes and tracks training. An LMS has many functions, but it’s primary one is to train people. To ensure employees are trained effectively, a learning management system usually features mobile learning tools. Additionally, social learning tools, collaborative learning tools, eCommerce, language localization, and Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) are often built into a full-featured LMS.

Request a FREE Demo of a Full-featured LMS

Hundreds of company leaders that desire growth and efficiency for their businesses have invested in a learning management system (LMS), or are at least thinking about it. They understand, if only on an elementary level, that online and mobile learning are the future of corporate training. If your company is interested in enabling mobile learning via LMS, request a FREE demo of TOPYX LMS today. TOPYX is a full-featured learning management system that charges no per-user fees. That means TOPYX will host as many LMS users as your company needs without ever charging additional fees. Also, TOPYX LMS features the best mobile learning tools available.

Mobile learning is the future of corporate training. Is your company utilizing mobile learning tools to maximize training?

Debbie Williams

Debbie Williams

Director, Marketing